Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Praise the Lord! Sweet baby Jesus!

Hey fam! How yall makin out?! I am in Louisiana na! I LOVE it down here! This is my kind of place! I have met some hilarious people (like the black guy outside the airport yelling at me to get my shoes shined, or the black hood gangsta with a joint in his mouth that's flying down the street on a motor scooter that has a slanted wheel and about to fall of haha.) All i have to say is that there are some awesome people down here.
 I serve in a kind of ghetto area. I am in the outskirts of New Orleans... there is worse out there though. Everywhere I go there will be awesome and nice people though... at least when they’re not swerving at you when you’re biking on the side of the road. Yeah it happens... dang Baptists. It is filled with culture and everyone loves Jesus, I love it. It is the first time though that I only see non-Mormon churches and am the only white kid on the street haha.  
 We work with a lot of less actives down here, but we do have a family and also this guy named Ben that agreed to a baptismal date. Ben is golden! I have never seen a person convert so fast and strongly to the church. I love these people. Yes the work is a little slower then I expected but we are finding out ways to get through to people. I have heard of people going their entire mission with only one baptism.. Wow. I feel very blessed to have met these people all ready. (It’s not about the numbers)
 I learned how to teach in Spanish and now I need to get up to the speed that the Latinos are at. This Latino in church was speaking so fast I couldn't understand her and i thought her cabeza was going to explode. I was at a different ward at that time so I haven't even met the ward yet. In lessons it has been a little hard because I am trying to learn new vocab but I will get better at it, I have been blessed to all ready learn it this fast.
We get to go to a gym at 5:00 every morning and get swol. I wont get fat on my mission; I bike all day and work out for two hours every morning. All though one day we taught 4 times and we got fed each time... we would have offended them if we didn't eat so I thought I was going to get a blood clot and then explode by the end of the night. Plus its not just food but Louisiana food.
I have seen two gators down here and some cool stuff. I can’t wait to go out to the bayou some time with my district. My district is cool and I get along with my companion too. He is from Hawaii and he also lived in Utah for a while. I don't know what else to say more than that he is cool and we go well. I can tell there is a certain slack in the way some missionaries work though. I have noticed it in staying at member’s houses to long and little stuff like that. Its is hard some times because of things that come up (like my companions bike getting 3 flat tires in one week haha... its okay) but I will always remember that its not my time but the lords time. Even more importantly its not about the numbers but it is about the people.

Well I got to go! Love Yall!

Elder Cooley

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