Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanks for your love and support

Hello Family and Friends.
It seems like this last week was a year long. So much has happened. I hope I am able to share my thoughts and feelings through this email about what is going on. I wasn't sure at first that I was going to share anything, because of my killer pride (haha), but I think I would rather everyone have all of the facts from me, so that there is no room for rumors or error of information. Though this is a hard email to write, I hope you all will understand.

I am being sent home.

My heart is broken, I cannot even think about leaving this place and these people and this spirit and this life. It hurts so much.
Most of you know that I have been having a lot of "health problems." Its been going on for quite some time now. In October, I finally decided to tell someone about it. Well... that just opened the flood gates. Apparently it was a bigger deal than I thought. Because of my past history with an eating disorder, they were really concerned with my stomach issues that I was having, (have been having since the MTC). I had to have an endoscopy test done, and blood work, etc. etc. But they came to the conclusion that it would be best for me and for my future and my body and my future family if I came home. I received this news on tuesday night. I cried and cried and cried. I don't even know how all of this happened, nor can I understand why.

President Cleveland has literally done everything in his power to keep me here, and I have done everything I can to stay. I've tried perscriptions and treatments and mom's voodoo stuff. I've tried counseling for anxiety and eating smaller more frequent meals. Nothing seems to work. 
When I spoke with President and Dr. Dunn this week, they both felt very confident, that going home was what Heavenly Father wanted for me. When I spoke with them, I felt a calm come over me, and so I just said ok. But since then I just wish and wish I could go back in time and do something.. anything different so that I may stay. I know, I know, that is stinkin' thinkin', but I am struggling to accept that this is Heavenly Father's will. 

I have to keep reminding myself of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail... he did nothing wrong that landed him there. He prayed and he fasted and he was obedient and he worked hard, and yet he still found himself in a horrible and depressing situation. And just when he wanted to give up... Heavenly Father told him that all of these things will give him experience. I may not know for a long time why this is happening now, but I hope to be able to cheerfully submit, like Joseph Smith was asked to do, like Job was asked to do, like the savior did.

My studies this week have been incredible though, and I can honestly say I have never felt more of the saviors and heavenly fathers love for me. Yesterday as I took the sacrament, I pondered on what it really meant to me, and how it enabled me to rise from the ashes we create for ourselves. My heart was filled. All that matters is what Heavenly Father thinks about us. All that matters is that we do our best, give our all, run as far and as fast as we can. He promises us the strength as we do that, and to carry us when our legs become too weak. This morning I studied Grace. (again). It is one of my favorite things to study. I read in John 1:17-18. It says that from him came grace and truth. In the JST for that, it says from him came life and truth. It completely opened my eyes in seeing that GRACE = LIFE. How does grace equal life? well there are the obvious ways... Because of the savior's grace (his strength and power) we were given life, our bodies were created. Because of his grace we will receive our bodies again, in perfect form! Because of his grace we have the opportunity to live in the Celestial kingdom, in eternal families, in he presence of our loving heavenly Father. These are all wonderful, but seem distant and often unable to fully comprehend. But something that is so real, and so available to feel and see, is the grace that enables us to live our life here. No matter what we go through. No matter the mistakes that we make. No matter what depths we may sink to, or what twists and turns we may experience, it is the VERY REAL love that we can feel from our savior (grace), that gives us the ability to rise. I know it will take a lot of strength and faith to do this, and to go through this transition, but I know that His grace will be there. I can feel it now, as I type these words. It is available to every soul who will diligently seek it. That is the beauty of the Gospel. It is the hope that we need to overcome the depths and the shadows and the fears of this mortal life. That very love, and the power it brings, is the very essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love being a missionary. I love learning about the savior, and feeling his love, and sharing it with others. I know that I will be fine, and that everything will be fine in time. I will never stop being a missionary. NEVER! It is too fun, and much to rewarding to stop. 
The work goes on, no matter where I am.

I will be sent home on Monday December 1st. Luckily President Cleveland is allowing me to stay for the 3 baptisms we have this weekend on the 29th. :) I am so excited. The twins and Rosemary are being baptized. They are all sooo ready. :)
I love this gospel. It is so true.

I love you, each of you. Thank you for your prayers and your love. 

4th missionary
I have no Brakes, I CANNOT and WILL NOT STOP!

Love Sister Cooley

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hola familia! 
How are ya? this week has been long. Have you ever had one of those times that helps you keep going? like a person you meet, something someone says, or that kind of stuff? We received a new contact this week and it was awesome how we got him. We received him from some Elders saying to contact him. We were very busy that week so we put it off for the next week and so this week we received his same contact information from a completely different set of Elders that he came up to in Walmart and asked for their help. God must have been wanting us to go see him pretty badly... and specifically us too. When we got there we found that he is an alcoholic and wants our help desperately and doesn't want to lose his family over a stupid drink (family is central to Gods plan). Him and I click very well because he served in Iraq in the Army and We talk about military a lot and how I am going into the military when I get home. I don't even think he knows my comps name because he was more interested in talking to me. (I guess every one of us are sent to individual people for a reason) He has a strong determination to quite drinking and grow closer to God; we will have to see how it goes from here but he is desperately determined. He is planning on going cold turkey from alcohol by Thanksgiving because he is dosing down from three 32oz beers a day to one 32oz a day. Plus Thanksgiving is a special day for him because he lost all of his buddies in Iraq that day; he has a lot of reasons to quit and live a better life. He said he knew he could do it and I believe him. We shared about the atonement and how Christ knows what he is going through (also about his friends and what happens after this life) and a lot more of other stuff like that. We talked about having a desire and reasons behind why he wants to change so it can keep him going. We also talked about what he can do if he feels tempted and who he can call or turn to (Heavenly Father). We set up a plan for quitting and also how he can get out of that lifestyle. We are actually looking for an apartment for him this week because the place he is living in has a lot of alcohol and a bad environment to raise a family. That is powerful determination.
I have been taught how important members are in the lords work and also how dang good dad was at being bishop. There is a less active here that stopped going to church because he had doubts because of the people in the church. His wife died, His son was shot and killed and he had open heart surgery all within 3 years. Through all of that not one member of the church or the bishop cared to call, visit, stop by, or even attend the funerals. Everyone needs to feel loved. This is wrong. This reminds me of dads picture of the plow hose in the middle of the field and no one to work it. We all need to be willing to drop what we are doing if needed in the moment for the lord. I flipped open to a random scripture and it happened to be the scripture about not putting is trust in the flesh of man but to put trust and faith in God. It was the perfect scripture for the moment and wasn't me at all.
We gave a blessing to a man in the hospital yesterday that had a heart attack an heart surgery. three of his arteries were 97% clogged. It was a cool opportunity to be apart of.
By the way I have been talking to a very close friend I have met out here and he owns a translating business and he said after the mission he would train me to translate in the hospitals for him! Wow! that would be better that crock hunting... maybe not as fun. I feel like that would help me so much; it pays a lot to. 

I have a new comp by the way... I guess that just shows how good I am at this emailing thing. My other comp had surgery in the mission and is back to doing work all ready. His prayers have been answered and he is doing good.

Thanks for everything yall do. I don't have anymore time; I have to run. Love ya!
Elder Cooley

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

let it snow!

HEY! alright, so I know that the temperature says that we are experiencing the same weather... but I can promise you..mine is colder hahah. the weather doesnt factor in windchill or humidity. Its COLD! but I like it. I snowed a couple inches last night. So beeautiful! I love the snow! I am so grateful to have been raised in Utah and to actually like the snow. I feel bad the these indians, they have no mountains to ski, so they just hate the snow. Its just a pain to all of them because it just builds up and turns to ice. boooo ice. BBUUUTTT the lovely package that you sent me sure helped! I LOVE LEGGINGS!!!!!!! don't worry dad... I have been wearing a skirt over them. heehee. 
We had some let downs this week with some of our investigators. They won't be baptized on their scheduled day, but eventually they will. I pray.
Its hard because you start to internalize... thinking... is it something that I did? Was I not obedient enough? Was I not diligent enough? Did I not prepare enough for their lessons? Was I not in tune enough with the spirit? these are all questions that go through  my head. It sucks. But ultimately, it all comes down to agency, on my part as a missionary and as theirs. I choose to NEVER give up on anyone. but they can choose to give up on us and on christ. Hopefully not forever though. I know that every day we plant seeds, but it is really hard when you feel like they have come so close.
This week was a really good reminder for me that it is not about the numbers. We talked a lot about Quality lessons rather than quantity lessons. Yes, we are out here to teach, and numbers and SOE's help us stay motivated and diligent, but ultimately, we are out here to HELP SOULS. that is SO important. so much more important than meeting a weekly requirement for lessons. When I think about it that way, it puts it in to perspective for me. Each soul is precious. I want the time that I spend with that person, not about teaching certain doctrine, or getting a certain scripture read... I want it to be about helping them feel the spirit and the love that heavenly father feels for them. I want them to feel the things that I have felt throughout my life. 
Sister Howard and I had a lot of fun this week. We are trying to have more fun and less anxiety. Missionary work cannot be robotic. You will burn out. This is life. We have personalities, we have likes and dislikes, we can be fun and ourselves and still carry the spirit and be professional representatives of Christ. Its hard to find that balance as a new missionary, but we are both getting there.
I definitely think that training sister Howard has been such an amazing experience and has benefited me more than her. I think Heavenly Father knew that I needed her. She has helped me in so many ways. Also, the responsibility of training a new missionary has been life changing. I have learned more about myself than ever before. Most of it is things I am working to change, but some are things I really like :). 
Best of all, being a missionary has taught me to love. ALL Sorts of people. and to find different ways or reasons to love people. I forever want to work oon this attribute. We are all different (especially these hoosiers haha), but it is beautiful. I promise each and every one of you, that you can ALWAYS find something to love about someone. Once you find it, focus on it, and never forget it. Pretty soon, it will blossom and you could probably even find more that you love about them. 
Its like faith and positive thinking. Love works only by positive thoughts too. Actually... ALL CHRISTLIKE attributes begin with positivity. Negativity belongs in the garbage. (sometimes I accidentily make negativity by buddy.. but I am striving to have a more positive outlook on people and places and things and myself.) 
I hope you all know how much I love you. Thank you for your prayers and your letters and your faith. Thank you for your continued example to me. 
the gospel is simple. Life and our own stubbornness makes it hard. Choose to live it simply. It will make you happier.

212 Forever
4th missionary
What doesnt kill me makes me stronger. 
No fun unless you draw blood
when the going gets tough the tough get going
share till its gone
do the job cooley good
I have no brakes I cannot stop
I go forever

Sister Megs Cooley

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mi semana pasa bien

Hola Familia! Mi semana pasa bien. All except I was throwing up saturday night and didnt feel good AT ALL!! I ended up crashing asleep for the entire day while our district played in an inner-faith basketball tournament with other religions. I also slept through that entire night and woke up feeling better and went to church. My stomach still was sore and didnt feel 100% good but I cant complain; I'm not working on my time anyways.
I have been studying my scriptures in a new way and I find something pretty cool every day; and most of the times it is just a new interpretation of scriptures I have all ready seen. This gospel does not have a limit on how much you can learn and grow. One time this guy told me that he had learned everything about our religion and that was all religion is to him. I asked him that if you learn a sport than is that all? Once you know how to play a sport is that all? no it is not.... You keep practicing it and get better and better at it. You might know the rules of the game (doctrine) but now you need to improve just like you do in a sport to be able to play it better. There is always room for improvement. And if you dont think that includes you than there is some need of some improvement all ready because no one is perfect.
I have learned so much all ready on my mission that I am dirt. I am absolutely nothing. We were created from the dust and God owns the dust. So where do I have room to boast? I am nothing and I can do nothing unless I have God. That is why it is so important to be converted and close to God because you are NOT going anywhere without Him. It is also hard to be fully converted.
I heard that this mission is one of the lowest baptizing missions. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we are moving forward much but one little step at a time will get us there right? We have had so many investigators fall through and so many people just seem to disappear. I feel like my mission is mostly going to be teaching less actives and helping people that seem to have lost that flame re-gain it again... or they never had it in the first place (you cant go far off of borrowed light). We are starting to re-teach all of the lessons to the less actives to try to build a new foundation. It is amazing how great of an affect it has on a person if they read and pray every day or not. It makes all the difference!
 I love my mission though. There is no other place I would rather be. I have all ready grown and progressed so much. I think there are some members out here that will let me stay out after my mission and gator hunt for a job for some short time. I will let you know if I hear more about it; I Would want to do it though. 
I am probably going to get a workout regiment planned out and moving because I have noticed that working out is how I have always blown away a lot of stress and since they took away our weights its a little bit more of a challenge... They think they can stop me.
I have come to conclusion that God has put a lot of trust in his youth. Missionaries are idiots. I think it takes a lot of trust to go on a mission too. I have found in the scriptures that it never says nephi WANTED the plates or to see his fathers dream but it always says he desired to. What are our desires? Your desires will determine where you go and who you become. If your desires are set in the right place than a mission is a lot more easier and enjoyable. This is the same concept with doing anything in your life and also in all of the lords work. What are our treasures and desires?
 Sorry I dont have much to write about... I had to strain this one out of me.
Thank you fam!
Love yall
Elder Cooley

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Change is a Good Thing.

HOLY MOSES! Just as the Cooley family begins to feel comfortable with the mass amount of changes that have gone their way in the past 6 months, God says... here is a curve ball :) Wow dadio. Congrats:)?
 So I opened Bob Wall's letter and hadn't read yours yet, and it said...

       "Elder Shane and Sister Megan, you've probably heard that your dad is in the new Stake Presidency."

well, I was like.... what the!!! so I immediately went to your letter. sure enough. Good ol' bobby was right. Wowza. How are you feeling? Talk about a FULL plate. Hope you were hungry. I just had this feeling that something like that was going to happen. We were driving to the library today and I was anticipating what my emails would say... I was like... man if my dad is the new stake president... I might die. not because I know you will not be perfect for it, and because you are not qualified or anything like that, but because... now I feel like I will NEVER see you again hahaha. jk. I live in Indiana anyway! Anyway, dad, you've got this. What I've experienced on my mission so far is something like this.... I feel super pumped, and strong, and I work my butt off... and then I start to get discouraged and things get really hard and I feel like I could quit.. but I still work hard, and Heavenly Father sends a tender mercy... a little reminder of who I am and how important this work is... and then I feel recharged. Right at the moment of breaking, He swoops in and lifts us a little. Muscles only get stronger if you tear them up till the point of breaking. Then you are fueled by the spirit and by the love of God. and you become much more than you were before. 

I guess that is what my past week was. I was really really sick this past week. I don't know what is going on, but it is SO discouraging. I just want to feel like superwoman again and to go go go and not ever worry about my body. I felt like giving up. On sunday we had "Why I Believe" It is that fireside that I have told you about in the past where recent converts get up and talk about their conversion process. Also, departing missionaries give their final testimony. The spirit was so strong, and the messages were JUST what I needed to hear. My studies that day were great, and the primary program at church softened my heart as I listened to the songs that are so simple and so pure and so filled with the spirit. Heavenly Father knew I needed him. He reached down yesterday, when I was about to break, and strengthened me. He filled my torn muscles with some organic, gluten free, lactose free, pea protein powder. :) 

This week I am focusing on prayer. I don't want to feel like my prayers are just hitting the ceiling. I read these conference talks or these experiences that people have in the scriptures about mighty prayer and people talk about knowing that god is there and feeling it in your prayers. I want that! I read a talk this morning from Elder Wirthlin about prayer. It was really good. It talked about reasons why our prayers might be lacking. I know that prayer is the Key to the strength that I need. Prayer combined with faith works miracles. I sure could use some hahaha. 

Mom. I do not doubt for one second that you are strong enough to bear another change. You have a grace inside of you, a mental and physical toughness that is undeniable. I have seen you dig deep again and again. You can do this. Yesterday is our correlation meeting, our WML brought up the two 11 year old twin girls we are teaching. I guess Bishop is upset or something that we are teaching 11 year olds who dont have active parents... (if they had active parents then we probably wouldnt need to be teaching them? hahaha) anyway, I was pretty saddened by this and told them about you. I said that my mom grew up in a home where she didnt have the support she needed from parents, but her YW friends and leaders were her support! And Today she is Amazing and strong and happy. Who knows what and where she would be without the YW program and the help she had from the ward! So we are teaching these girls! because this is exactly what they need to make it through junior high and high school alive! Without the gospel, life will gobble them up. They need this. And after they are baptized, it is up to YOU and their leaders, to be their family.

I feel SO strongly about fellowshipping. It is honestly pointless to do missionary work if nobody is going to be their friend when they get to church. Are these fresh new faces strong enough to sit alone at church every sunday and never be talked to? Never be invited over? Never be asked to teach anything or share anything or serve? probably not. Even at my YSA ward in provo, every week Kate and I were asked if we were new? We had been there months. That made us never want to go. Please Please Please. open your eyes to others around you. There are people who are sitting alone. There are people who are less active and who have taken a step out of their comfort zone. They need love. 

Love is the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! that is what it is all about. When people feel the love of God from the missionary lessons and from the book of mormon and from their own prayers, they want it more and more and more. It is what drives people to their knees and brings people to church. But the love has to be at church too. 
okay I am off my soap box.

Heavenly Father is blessing us with so many miracles, and so many opportunities to get outside ourselves and to love. I am so happy that I am here. I am so happy I decided to serve. I never would have felt this type of joy or this type or sorrow or this type or change had I not come. I know this is changing me to be much more than I ever could on my own.
I keep reading the 4th missionary talk every morning on the treadmill. I love it. it is so inspiring. 

Thank you all for your love and your prayers. Thank you for sending me on a mission, for having the faith to let me go. For helping me financially. For teaching me all of my life. I feel like I came out here so prepared because you ALWAYS made sure I read and prayed and you taught me SO well. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for being tough on me. 
I don't ever want to let any of you down, and I never want to let the lord down. 
I hope you all know I am trying my best everyday :)
This week is about positivity and prayer :) I will let you know how it goes next week :)
Love you all. Be strong. Remember who you are and Whose you are. This life is about SOOO much more than we sometimes remember.

Love you forever. I AM SO THRILLED THAT WE HAVE FOREVER!!!!! AH :)
212 ALWAYS (duh) hot hot hot
4th missionary. 

Keaton Gerrard got to meet Sister Cooley for breakfast at IHOP! Lucky Man!
Sister Megan Anne Ray Cooley.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm staying in Kenner!

Hey fam! We had transfers this week and I am staying in Kenner! I got a new companero so things are a little different but he is the type to push to do better. We have our differences but thats okay, There must be opposition in all things right? 
I am getting pretty dang good at wheelying my bike now. I love riding everywhere! I love biking areas. Its a good workout. We got a new rule from salt lake this transfer that we cant go to the gym anymore... some missionaries just have to go and ruin it for everyone! There were some going at like 6:00pm-9:00pm (prime proselyting hours)... stupid idiots. So unless president makes some acceptations to rules or something I am stuck just biking and doing 1000 push ups. I still wake up at 5:00 or 5:15 to work out... they think they can stop me..
I feel like I am getting faster at my Spanish. Please pray for my Spanish also. It is much easier to love and help someone when you can communicate with them haha. God blesses you in the time of need. (I know it) Some days and lesson feel better than others; I will understand what is going on in one lesson and in the next... What the freak is this little brown dude saying? 
 We had a friendly long discussion with this guy the other day and it was going so fast with questions.. It was like a friendly bible bash in Spanish... weird huh haha? It is quite interesting if you are arguing, disagreing , or arent staying strong in the church than it always leads back to finding out for yourself and reading and praying (actions). That is what we told that guy and we ended up having a great lesson. 
We have been having some awesome lessons with people lately. We have been focusing hard on peoples needs and what they need to hear. It is always frustrating when someone promises you something and they dont come through. We got three people to agree to go to church again this sunday and not one of them showed up! they were all separate lessons too! I know that if they knew what they were missing than they would leap at the chance to go to church. (just like in 1 Nephi 2:12) And thus Laman and Lemuel, Being the eldest, did murmur against theri father. And they did murmur because they knew not the dealings of that God who had created them. (if you are murmuring than maybe you don't know what God has in store for you or you have forgotten.)- or sometime they just take the truth to be hard. Se depende.
I sometimes feel like people will never change and whats the point but then I think how God has never given up on NOT EVEN ONE of his children. Yes people are stubborn but I have been stubborn too so I cant judge them... You can bring a horse water but you cant make it drink. We are starting over teaching the lessons with a lot of less actives to help them understand and have their own testimony, because they have fallen away and wont come back (hard heart). If they knew than they would jump at what we offer... therefore we are reteaching them.
Thanks for all you do. I am so grateful for this opportunity you have helped me achieve. I will make the best of it. Love yall!
If there is anything that I can do please let me know!

4th missionary
Elder Cooley
Look whose cooking Louisiana style!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Did we join a NUDEST COLONY?

Hey Family!
 Things are going well this week :) like always!
We had some SUPER funny experiences this week that left us laughing SO hard. 
We are teaching this awesome woman, and on wednesday we went over to her house to read the book of mormon with her. Well, we knocked on the door and the door opened but she was standing behind it so we couldnt see her. She said come in come in! So we did... and she closed the door... SHE WASNT WEARING ANY PANTS! haha.  I said hey little lady! Where are your pants!! she said.. oohh... I just haven't gotten around to putting them on yet. (it was 7pm) hahah. oh goodness. it was so funny. But. we actually ended up having an awesome lesson with her (once she covered herself with a blanket) We asked her if she had done her reading assignment. she said yes... she said she was on 1 Nephi chapter 11! WHATTTT haha she read that much in 3 days. We were pretty excited. She asked us if we would read chapter 11 with her. So we did and then we talked about it. I felt prompted to ask her if she had prayed to know if the book of mormon was true... she smiled a little and nodded her head and went back to looking through the pages. I said... and...what did heavenly father say?... she said.. thats my prayer! Thats private! haha so I said.. hmm.... did he tell you it was true... she got a big smile and nodded her head. Wow. The spirit was really strong. We talked about it for a little longer. I am excited for her. She is super hard core christian, been attending the same church for like 60 years. But little by little, it will happen :) hopefully she will have some pants on next time! Ha!
I know its not funny..but it seriously is. Sister Howard has now seen 4 naked people since coming on her mission. 
I want you to know something though. I am SO grateful to be a missionary. I have been able to see myself change. And that to me is more than anything. There is absolutely no way that I would have EVER changed my stubborn ways had I not come here. Had I not had these experiences crafted just for me. I have learned to be so much more with Heavenly Fathers help. I have SOOO much more to work on, and know that life is a forever long learning process.. we are NEVER done changing. But I am grateful for the experiences I have had here. I think about the River God song a lot... little stones are smooth, only once the water passes through. 
I want to be a smooth stone. I want to be refined and made pure and made stronger. Like silver, like iron. like all that is refined. I know I can only have this with the water passing through.. the experiences and things that Heavenly Father allows, whether because of mortal life, others choices or my own poor choices. 
Like the mound of potters clay
Lord please mold me day by day.

I love you all. Thanks for your prayers and support. I am doing well.

Love you forever!
212 degrees. 4th missionary. WORKING MY LITTLE FANNY OFF!

love megs (Sister megs)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Down in the sticks

Hey fam, transfers are today and I am waiting right now to see if I stay or go. My comp is having his surgery out here and will be able to continue serving... so I guarantee I wont be with him anymore. We have been an awesome companionship. Seriously NO conflict or anything; we just get along, have fun, and get work done. I have loved my mission 
So dad... talk about giving back to scouting! I have already been doing so much with the scouts in our ward. We went out and did service with them last week and we have been helping them out a lot. I can definitely see the difference in missionaries that did and didn't get their eagle scout. The ones that didn't it seems like they still have an immaturity in them that they didn't get the chance to let loose in boy scouts. I feel like I am working with a bunch of little boy scouts!! Thank you mom and dad for raising me right!
We got the chance this week to go down into the bayou to do service. We walked on these wood bridges until we got out there and then hopped off and trudged through the sticks. I LOVE the bayou! They gave us all machetes and had us cut down trees with them! sounds like heaven right!? Yall would have LOVED IT, it was bush whacking at its finest. We cut out a type of tree that is considered a weed to them. you should have seen it. We were taking out full trees in like three hits haha.
After the service they had a ton of subway sandwich boxes left over and so we walked under the New Orleans bridges and handed them out to homeless people. I have never seen someone eat so fast... some of those people are starving. It is sad to think how well we eat when there is someone starving and cold sleeping under a highway bridge; THAT IS NOT RIGHT. It feels so good to do things for people; It is a feeling I always want to keep with me. 
We had a lesson with this lady and her family this week. At the end of our lesson her husband started to talk about the church he goes to already and started to be a little harsh. That was until his wife shut him down and told him that she goes to his church for three hours and doesn't feel a thing but for the short time these elders are here I feel such a strong feeling. Why is that? huh?.... That shut him up pretty quick haha. he didn't say anything for the rest of the time.
We also had a lesson with an investigator that seemed so interested in our message. He asked us when the next time we could come by and so I left him with MY english copy until we meet again. He wanted something to read until our next lesson; it was awesome to see someone take such an interest!
Thank you so much for the packages, they are good especially the baked goods haha. Thank you so much! you do so much for me. Is there any I can do for you? love yall

Elder Cooley