Friday, August 8, 2014

Wedding Cake.....Definitely not a good career choice.


I LOVE getting your emails every week. They uplift me. You are all my very best friends.

This week was really great. Sister Hunt and I received two more referrals from members.. who are both now progressing investigators, one of which is on a baptismal date for August 23. Her name is Carol Case. She takes care of a man in our ward who is less active because he has stage 4 cancer and is dying. Anyway, he was baptized last year in April, and the whole time he was being taught, she was sitting in the kitchen, where she could still hear and would take notes! Now over a year later, she asked us to come and teach her. She is sooooo awesome. When I first met her, she was over at another member's house, Sister Leonard, and I totally thought she was already a member. She comes to the Adult Singles FHE every week and makes food for it and everything. Yesterday we went over to her house for a lesson and she had typed up all of her answers to the questions that are in the additional study in the back of the pamphlet. She seriously is so ready to be baptized. I am so excited. She has a huge garden in her yard and sent us home with tons of tomatoes, and cucumbers and a homemade vegetable soup. Yum. 
So Hope and Kenny got married on Saturday :) Finally. Sheesh. It was exhausting putting together a wedding. Just another confirmation that I am NOT having a reception. ever. waste of money. (sorry for all of those who read this and have had wedding receptions... I mean no disrespect. Weddings are super fun and all....... okay I am going to stop before I dig a deeper hole :) - ) hahah. But I volunteered to make the wedding cake! It was fun to dust off my SUPER rusty cake decorating skills. There is a member named Micky Cranney and she is super talented and she helped me make roses to put on the cake. but guess what... Indiana is HUMID! and guess what doesn't like humidity... wedding cake and frosting. Oh man. it was soooo stressful because the frosting was just absorbing water and getting gooey. I had to freeze it and re frost and whew... It was crazy. But it turned out really beautiful. But I WILL NEVER make cakes for a living. So stressful haha but I think Kenny and Hope liked it. They had fun at their wedding, dancing and stuff. We sat in the hall for most of the reception 
because they were playing music. But I think it was really good for our investigators and the ward members to see us being exactly obedient. It strengthens their trust in us. 
Anyway. This Saturday they will be baptized. They had their baptismal interviews yesterday and they all passed :) 
Last night Sister Hunt and I just sat on the floor in our room and talked for a half hour, just like good buddies. It was sooo good. I really love her. Whenever I have a hard day, we talk about it, and she says something like "Oh, I felt that same way my first three months" It makes me happy because I know I have something to look forward to because she is soo solid. I'm getting there, but Satan is relentless. He works harder on those who are working hard. True story. But its true dad, he only has power if we give it to him. Unfortunately, so many people here give it to him freely. He has so many people wound up in addictions and sin. It breaks my  heart. When we drive places, I watch people on the street and just think... do you know you a God's son? I hope some day that they will, before it is too late. 
I love to teach. When I am teaching and busy, that's when I feel most like myself, its when I feel most happy here. I know its because I am not focused on myself. LUKE 9:24. This mission has saved my spiritual life. I have really been finding out who the real Megan Cooley is. The one heavenly Father created me to be, not the one that Eating Disorder thoughts created me to be. I am finding myself a little more each day as I help others find the savior.

I love you all so much. Don't forget that this work is impossible without member missionaries. There are people all around each of you, who have wandered, or who have never known the way. Yours is the responsibility to bring them to the missionaries. That can be as simple as being their friend, inviting them to an FHE or ward activity, inviting them to a girls night. Whatever it is... do it. Then over time, when the time is right, they will be ready to accept the gospel. I promise. 

Do Good. I love you all. 
I know that Joesph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that we too can receive a witness of their reality through that same power. I know that the Book of mormon is a REAL record, translated by that same power. I know that the truths restored have the power to change lives when applied and lived. I love it. I love this work because it takes work. Life is not about being complacent or having everything given to us. Salvation was not easy or free for the savior. Continue to climb, because climbing produces strength. Be strong.

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