Monday, August 11, 2014

Baptisms and Goats!!!

Hey Family!
I don't have much time but I will write quickly of my experiences this week!!

We received two new investigators this week. A guy named ***** who is recently our of prison and searching for hope and God, and a lady named *****. She is the daughter in law of one of our awesome members. ***** is going through a really hard time right now..... She totally needs the gospel, and because she is at such a low point in her life right now, she is very receptive. 
I am really grateful for the experiences I have had in overcoming my eating disorder. I truly am able to testify that through Christ, all things can be made right. Any wound can be healed. I told her that those thoughts do not come from God. Satan wants to destroy us. If he can get us thinking bad things about ourselves, to the point that we shut down, and cannot do good, then he wins. One cool thing that this book called 'Adjusting to missionary life' says to do is to write out our thoughts, the bad ones, and then to rewrite them how heavenly father or Christ would have them. Its something that I do sometimes when I feel really bad about my body (cuz as a missionary you seriously have little control over what happens to your body hahahah its a hard reality to face) 
for example... gosh I feel so disgusting..... rewrite it to... I may not feel good right now, but I know that Heavenly Father Loves me. My Spirit is growing and I am changing into the woman that heavenly Father needs me to be. ... Its a cool thing to teach people and it applies to much more than body image or mental problems hahaha.

The baptisms went really well! The spirit was so so strong. they all looked so amazing in White. 

Also on saturday we went to the state fair to do service for a lady named sister Foster.. She is literally a goat farmer... for about 2 hours we showed goats..... we walked goats around in a circle and had to adjust their legs to that their utters looked good.... hahahah weird huh? ya.. they kept trying to eat my shirt and my hair. I hate farm animals now. Im pretty sure I stepped in goat poop like 400 times.

Well I've got to go. I love you all so much. 
Sorry that this email is short.
But I am doing really well. I am happy and healthy. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and is blessing me. 

All of you... be strong. Be valiant. This life is so short, and all that matters is that we stay strong and follow the savior. That is ALL that matters. 

123 forever
4th missionary
Sister Megan Cooley 

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