Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Cheer in Little Caesars?

Hello fam, I had a good week and an awesome holiday. How about y'all? I enjoyed chatting with y'all. It was different for Christmas but I love change and different perspectives. 

I told the family this but we split up a fight that was about to break out in the middle of little Caesars on Christmas Eve. Two Black Chicks were mad at the store manager for how long the wait was for their pizzas. They tried to get the little white girl store manager to go outside to fight but we stopped her from going outside to fight. After that we called the store owner to tell him what really happened so that no one would get fired unnecessarily. The other people that wanted to fight were calling to complain and You can only imagine what their side of the story would have sounded like. I have learned out here that all problems that occur in a humans life is because of selfishness and pride.
 Some one might ask though, "What about when someone else inflicts pain on you or takes something from you?" "You didn't selfishly do that!" First of all the actions of people doing harm to you can always be traced back to selfishness and pride. The things that people do to you do not have to affect you in a negative way though! It doesn't matter what happens to you in life but what matters is what you do about it. Don't fight fire with fire, selfishness with selfishness. What goes around comes around. 
No one can rob justice whether it be you delivering it short term to an enemy or karma in the future. Learn the difference between justice and revenge because one is doing the right thing and the other is being caught up in selfishness and your own pride that will only result in a continuing cycle of bias opinions and unjust retaliations. Justice, trust in God, Karma and accepting reality such as your own faults will help you role with the punches in life. Realizing problems and weaknesses will only lead you to being able to strengthen them. Everything in life is only borrowed and the only thing that you can take with you is your spiritual mind of experience. Don't be selfish by thinking that anything belongs to you. It is a harsh topic and feels scary to talk/write about but it is undoubtedly true. Stay Close to God and Deal justly and you wont have anything to worry about. 

Speaking of dealing justly with folks...
We had a meeting after church with the branch council (PEC) and we were there to offer our opinions. The meeting was going great and the topic of the entire meeting was focused on Christ and helping others. The discussion of a service project came up about helping out the Syrian refugees as a stake and combining with other wards to help out. Three people in the room raised their hands and said they had reservations about it until they knew the details of the project. I didn't think much of this, I was thinking that they were concerned about carpool and technical difficulties. They then said that they weren't sure if they wanted to support such a people that want to kill us. The spirit of the meeting was instantly gone after that. We disagreed and shared an example of working with Alligators (an animal that is dangerous)... I said that you keep your distance from dangers but that doesn't mean that you stop feeding them and caring for them. I'm not telling you to trust EVERYONE but I'm telling you to be smart about it. They are still human beings and not all of them are wanting war and killing.One of the people who shall remain nameless said, "I think that we are dealing with things that are a lot worse than animals Elder!" I kept my cool and the branch president quickly changed the subject. The spirit was gone from the meeting and turned into a complaint department after that. We kept quiet for the rest of the meeting and just listened. The president called us into his office after and asked us for our opinions on the meeting. We told him that Church meetings aren't a good place for Economic opinions. He explained how we were completely correct about the situation and he told us that the people that are skeptical to help with the project are scared to help and that is because they are scared to die. Our lives are here for but a moment and are only borrowed for such a short time so why not give our lives for others? Charity never faileth!  He explained how One of the twelve apostles addressed the church saying that we should help them.

We fight for the freedoms of ALL of God's Children. having that said... you cant please everyone.

We had a good week though teaching and working with some wonderful people. We were able to give gifts and celebrate the holidays. I love life and I hope that I can one day offer more than what is asked of me towards this wonderful life. I know that times can get hard but don't stop running. I know that to some readers my paragraphs may seem bold but It is what I know to be correct. I will do my best not to be a hypocrite and try to empathize and relate to other people's circumstances .... that in itself is hard to do. ONE STEP AT A TIME... That is all that God asks of you. Please reply your opinion of these perspectives

I love you family and friends.

Love Elder Cooley
God is just and you cant rob justice, therefore you can not rob God. Stay close to God and all will be well. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Love y'all and Happy Holidays!

This week was good. I just keep chugging away. I cant complain because I realize how good life is. This week we had a Christmas party in our branch and it was very nice. I got to enjoy some good food and good company with some folks. They didn't have a Santa or games there because they just wanted it to be a nice dinner and social gathering. The Wednesday before that was the primary Christmas party and they asked us to help out with that. We made ornaments and stuff like that. I included the ornaments in the package that I sent for Christmas. I'm not to sure if it will make it on time but we can cross our fingers.

This week at one of the baptist churches an awesome thing happened. It was during their Christmas mass that a Santa Claus walked into the doors, he walked down through the pews up to the front at the prayer alter, knelt down at the feet of Christ and prayed and when he left he put a small wrapped gift at the feet of the savior. They said that the place was dead silent and that the spirit was strong. It made everyone think that it isn't about the presents; It is about Jesus and Giving. I like those kinds of stories.

This week we were checking out of at the Lowes cash register outside by all of the gardening supplies. The lady there was very nice and we asked how she was. We asked her if she was ready for Christmas and if she was excited. She gave a nice response but seemed a little unconvincing but then she asked about our name tags. We had a nice conversation with her about Christ and how Christmas isn't about the presents but it is about Christ and Giving and what is truly in your heart. We read Luke 2 with her and she asked if we would pray with her. We held hands right there at the cash register and she said a prayed with us. She was in tears after and she said "I needed that, especially in this tough season" "God is good, he sends good people to help me out." Christmas is a tough time for a lot of families. Christmas actually even has a higher suicide rate. It hurts when you cant give back or receive like you want to. But that doesn't have to be the case... If you have the right perspective and the right things in your heart then Christmas can be the most beautiful time. To do this you have to see Christmas for what it really is. 

We will be hanging out with a few families during Christmas and Christmas Eve. We are skyping at brother Stanley's house. He has 3 tablets and all the time in the world for us to use them. I got Jesse's information for me to be able to set up a video chat on google. I look forward to talking to y'all. 

After our Christmas party we sat there and watched this drunk lady scream her head off in the middle of a grass field near our church haha. It was funny to watch but i feel bad for those people. Drunk people are some of the most powerful people out there. They are so tender hearted and they are all or nothing people. They are strong willed and most of them are dreamers that are highly motivated. Think of all of those awesome qualities that can be found in a person except for they are being used for the wrong things... like drinking. something drastic can happen in their lives and they become problem drinkers to drown out the pain. We meet a lot of Hispanics that are alcoholics because they have left their family to work and provide for them but it becomes lonely and painful for them to be away. They are amazing people that are trapped and probably dont want to be there in the first place.

I just want to end my email by saying this: find some way to contribute beyond yourself this season. There was a study done with a bunch of little kids this year. They were told to go into toys r us and choose any gift that they wanted. Once they came out of the store they were told that they have two options... they can either keep the toy for themselves or give a gift for someone else that wont have presents to open on Christmas. 92% of the kids went back in to chose a gift for someone else instead. Giving makes you feel good. Try to be child-like this season and remember what it is truly about.

Love y'all and happy Holidays!
Elder Cooley

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Please send some Chirstmas lovin

Hi Ana fields Friends,
I'm sending out a blog S.O.S-
All Elder COOLEY has asked for Christmas is letters & support...
So, if you can find a minute to drop him a Christmas letter filled with holiday cheer and lovin you'd be helping make his Christmas wish come true.
Elder Shane Cooley
1001 E. Dale st.
New Iberia, LA 70560

Merry Christmas!
May God bless your way!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hunting with Blow Guns

Hey fam. I have had a good week. It felt a lil slow again but thats alright. We did exchanges and we continued to go and visit with people. Our friend Nick has stopped contacting us. We had a talk with him and we had to be straight forward with him. It does no one any good just beating around the bush. He had sent us a text about killing himself and so we straight up told him "Let us help you". We told him "you need help.. When A man that was in the Army that has a non quitting attitude texts you about suicide quitting then there is something that is not right with this picture. We will keep trying to see him but Im not sure how effective it is to force a horse to drink the water that you have brought it. Falling- getting up and becoming stronger... I just hope our friend can get up and become stronger than ever. Only God knows how far he will fall until that happens... hopefully we can be of help.

We went around to a lot of different churches in our area that were of all different faiths. We are handing out a gift that includes the living Christ, The Proclamation of the Family, and a Picture of Jesus Christ. It was very fun and we have A LOT more to do... Bible Belt. We walked into a big church called "Trinity Baptist" and there was a dude that asked us right when we walked in if we wanted to be baptized haha. "We can do it RIGHT NOW!" There are some good people out there. Bless his heart.

I taught a few of the elders in my district how to make blow guns and they love them. They are shooting them all the time and are trying to shoot squirrels every time they go out to check the mail. The only difference is that would eat them if we actually get one haha. One of my buddies out here is from Canada and is a big hunter. I want to get into that when I get home.

It sounds like a mad house in the Cooley casa these days. I hope Grandma is doing good and is happy. Tell her that I love her. It must be just like old times though with a bunch of little kids running all over the house. It inst a mad house.. we have just forgotten what reality speed is like haha. That is the blessing that I would want to see for my family "for things to always be moving and an adventure". Risk taking, never settling and going forever. 

I got an email just barely from Joel Cardenas and he said that he just received his mission call. Sister Cardenas's son is called to serve in the Mexico, Monterrey East Mission. He is stoked out of his mind and has come a long way to get where he is now. I am excited for him.

I cant think of anything else to write about. I just hope you know that I am doing fine. I have found that living on my own has really helped me a lot in life and has changed my perspective of life a lot. I am grateful for my life and all that I have been blessed for. I look forward to chatting on Christmas coming up soon. I hope y'all have an awesome week. God bless.

Elder Cooley


Monday, December 7, 2015

short letter

How goes life? I am doing great. I have completely changed my mindset towards life because of my mission. I view my trials differently and I know that a different view causes me to handle my trials differently also. Life is good and it is what we make of it; We have control. 

So we haven't been making much progress with nick. He is in a life of cocaine and up to no good. We got a text from him the other night at 2:00am that was talking about killing himself. We prayed for him and went to visit him the next day. We told him that he needs help and asked if he would let us help him. He refused to attend any type of classes or clinics and says that "its no problem" or "I can quite on my own and with the good grace of God".... we discussed how God needs a willing heart first before we can truly change. The first step in 12 step programs and A.A is to admit that your addiction has control over your life and that you need help. He is totally blinded to his problem with drugs and wont admit it. I have seen that a lot; it is a hard life of justifying wrong actions and lying to yourself. We don't go into his home or anywhere with him because it wouldn't be good to be with him in the wrong place at the wrong time with the police. We will still talk to him outside but he doesn't have enough leverage to get out of the rut that he is in right now. Keep him in your prayers.

Jose is still doing good and is reading the Book of Mormon. 

My Spanish has gone down since being in New Iberia. We do a lot of English work and Spanish every now and then. I can hold a conversation no problem with a person but I can tell a difference in how well I can understand them when we are doing more English work. We have a new guy from Honduras that is attending our English class now. He was busy one night and didn't have time to go to the church so we did an English lesson in his apartment complex's gym room haha. Whatever works right.

I walked outside this morning and there was a dead snake by our stairs haha. It got cold last night and I guess he didn't make it back to his home in time. It has gotten more cold this week and the leaves have changed color and some trees leaves fall off. You don't really see any alligators anymore because they stay under the water for the winter. 

We went and visited our Big Mama Miss Pat this week and had an awesome discussion with her. She said that she loves it when we come over because she is able to talk to someone and have a time for spirituality. She is a street minister and does a lot of good for people. She helps us out a lot too. 

My shoulder has been doing good. You can still see a difference in my shoulders but I am working diligently to build them up. I dont really have pain in them but my goal is to make them strong. I am keeping track of my health and I am doing good. God bless.

Hahah my comp and I have set a rule in our car that we don't allow Christmas Music to be played until the sun has gone down. We set this because it still feels like a Utah summer down here still and it feels like playing Christmas music in the summer during the day time... nothing worse than that. We play Christmas music when it gets dark for the Christmas lights and it cools down for the Christmas spirit.

I Think that we will be skyping at Bro. Stanley's house on Christmas morning. I also think that we will be spending Christmas eve down in New Orleans. We will find out before so that everything will work out smoothly. I don't want anything for Christmas. I know Mom doesn't like that answer but I want it that way. All I want is letters and support. 

I know that this is a short letter but I cant think of anything that is interesting enough to write about hah.

I love y'all, have a wonderful week.
Elder Cooley