Saturday, August 23, 2014

Elder Cooley is in Louisianna!

Hey fam! 
I have everything packed up and I am getting ready to go to the bus at 2:00 in the morning haha:) I have had a great week and feel strong. I know there is still so much to learn but I taught a lesson in Spanish today and I would have to say that I feel ready. In some of my lessons the people speak really fast and I know all of the grammar so it is just a matter of me trying to follow along and learning more vocab. I have to do a lot of scripture mastery too and I know that will help me a lot, there is always more you can do in learning the gospel.
I fasted for 34 hours on Sunday. I feel great, In all of the stories about Nephi, Ammon, and Moroni it says they are the way they are because of being exactly obedient, feasting upon the words of god, and praying and fasting a lot! I love this work. Everyday I see so many different reasons why god has us do certain things. Everything has a reason behind it to make us better; depending on how we react. 
I sure am going to miss the teachers here and all of the kind people. I did hear though that a lot of people are so nice in Louisiana. I am very excited. I have also heard about my president and I heard he is very funny and nice. There is also a kid here that told me some good areas and hobbies in Louisiana because he used to live there.
Today I got a lot of one on one language time with my teacher, it was great because I feel that much more comfortable with some things in the language. The CCM is great and I love it but I am starting to feel like a prisoner. I Cant wait to see how mexico city is like at night because of my buss ride. There isn't any law on traffic at night, I swear its like that anyways but I heard its a lot crazier;)
 I am pretty sure I get to go to the temple on wed. with the pres and his wife. I also cant wait to start teaching. I have two Libros de Mormon para the plain ride and pass along cards also. I will be with six other missionaries on the plane ride to Louisiana, hopefully I sit by someone else though. haha

I want to say thank you for all you guys have done for me. I am here today because of the examples and love you all have shown me! I love all of you and cant wait to tell all of you how the mission is.

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  1. CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR HOW THINGS ARE GOING IN Louisiana. I am so proud of all the effort you are putting into learning the language and being such a obedient missionary. Your blessings are stacking up Elder Cooley. Miss ya