Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This week flew by... It is seriously hard for me right now to recall the details. Don't worry, I am writing in a journal every day, so I don't completely lose those memories. let see, lets see....
oh, So monday after we got done emailing you, we went to the fair! We rode all of the rides until we were sick, and then I ate a giant sweet potato... it was seriously as big as my head. But We had a good time, and it was a nice outlet to get my mind off some things that were really worrying me. I have to keep telling myself that I can't worry about things that I can't control. My mission president told me that all I can do is Pray and hope. so I do. 
Its interesting the things that you learn about yourself on a mission.. like how you pray, and what you believe and what you hope for, and what your true desires are. These are things that I never really thought about before...I think it was because the world was just too loud, I was constantly busy... praying was like a chore, something I HAD to do before I went to bed. Things change when you have time to ponder, and lots of time to pray and study. Pondering has become one of my favorite things hahaha
We have another baptism on saturday. Carol :) SHE IS THE BEST! She is the live in care taker for a  man in our ward named Vincent D'Angelo. He is SUPER sick - dying from bone cancer that has spread to his organs and throughout his body. He is a fighter though, and loves us to come over. They feed us all the time and have a huge garden, so it is fresh vegetables. good food. It is a home that feels more like home that anywhere else I've taught in Indiana. There is a sweet spirit there, We love them so much and are so excited for her to be baptized. I wish you could meet all of these people that I have come to love so much. Words cannot do them justice.
So Pres. Cleveland has been training the whole mission on doing 60 second restoration lessons. Last night Sister Hunt and I went tracting and decided to give it a try. I went first... GAH. even after so much practice, the first time is bad haha. But he was cool, and listened. Basically you dont even really ask them if they have time to share a message or anything like that, you just start right in on a 
restoration lesson and it literally takes 60 seconds. Then you find some way for it to be relevant to them... they need something to prick their hearts that what you just said to them is important. sometimes, when people are hard hearted and just say no no no, I want to shake them and say YES YES YES! This is REALITY! THIS IS LIFE! with this gospel, people leearn how to live, instead of merely surviving. Without a purpose, without a plan, life if merely to just be survived, and that is a depressing thought. 
I went to the temple on wednesday :) me and sister hunt and the larsens went to the Louisville temple 
and did a session. We got to see the new new new film (as sister larsen likes to call it). It was SO amazing to step into that building and feel a difference. I enjoyed every minute of the session. and felt such love and peace there. Its crazy what a difference that lifestyle and spirit makes when you attend the temple. A lady in our ward is CRAZY good at family history, and is like 1st generation member, so she has TONs of names. She gave both of us a name to take and even had a picture to go with it, so it was really cool to be able to do that for her.
We actually went and did family history with her on tuesday, and GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!! I found a woman on dads side of the family named Nancy Elizabeth Dobson. Originally she was added into family tree as Nancy Powell. She is William Powell the 3rd's husband, but she had NO information, no death date, no parents nothin. But with this womans help, I was able to find her on Ancestry.org. She is the 3rd wife of William Powell, and had lots of children, WHO ARENT EVEN LISTED on family search! So we have lots of work to do family!!! I printed off the cards at the temple for some of them. I will send them home, and You can all go do them. It will be another 6 months before I get to go to the temple again. I am so glad that we were all there together before we 
left. It is a memory that is really special to me. 
I love you all so much. Don't ever forget how loved you are. How REAL this gospel is. It is not just another religion. The world is SO SO far away from God. It is now a place of secularism, people are so into themselves and their bodies and their money and I think that is makes it so hard sometimes to believe in this plan.
The World needs the gospel. It needs each one of us to be examples, and to be missionaries! I love 
hearing all of your stories, and your righteous desires. You all inspire me and strengthen me. I love you so much.
Sister Megan Cooley

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