Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This week was super humbling….
So on Wednesday we had district meeting, it went really well. We do a lot of role-plays and have training from different people in the district. Well, after DM, the Larsen’s asked us to go do a service project with them for a couple hours. There is a less active family in our ward, whose mother has been in and out of the hospital for 5 months. Well, she has two teenage boys at home. That’s it. Two teenage boys who don’t know how to clean, wash a dish, or do ANYTHING! She asked us if we would come clean her house for her while she was in the hospital... oh my heck. It was honestly my worst nightmare come true~! I walked into the house and the air was thick with the smell of sweat and mold and just... dirty. I looked around thinking oh.. This wont be too bad. The living room needed to be vacuumed and there was a lot of laundry to do. But then I walked into the kitchen... DIRTY DISHES filled EVERY square inch of the counter tops, stacked at least 2 feet high. Flies swarmed around some of them that had rotten food in them. Trash was scattered among the dishes, the trash can was full. I almost died right then. (You all know how one of my bigggggest things is filthy kitchens and fridges....) well guess who got assigned to the kitchen? Me, Sister Hunt and Elder Baker. Every so often one of us would gag and almost throw up and have to leave the room, but then we would come right back in like champs and keep washing. There was mold growing in several dishes, a dirty sock was stuck to the bottom of the sink (what?!), and their fryer was full of saturated, old, oil. Several times I almost had an anxiety attack. But... 3 hours later and every dish was washed and the counters were wiped. We didn’t get to the floor because we had to leave. The other elders were on bathroom duty... oh my heck... that's a whole other story. But I was very humbled as I faced this experience.... When you are asked to serve, you do it, even if you have to pray for charity the entire time hahaha. So after that I took a nice long shower.
The next day was my birthday. The Larsen’s came at night and decorated my door :) Sooooo sweet of them. Sister Hunt surprised me with a present that morning and I opened my birthday package. :) Loved it all, though I will say that that book made my cry like a little baby... why would you do that to me hahahaha Then we did some visits, and did Weekly planning.. woo. we plan for our week next week. it usually takes 3 hours. Then we had some more visits, and then had dinner with the Larsens. I asked if she would make spaghetti squash with sauce and zucchini and she did ::D Sppppooooiiiilllleeeedddd. I know. Then all my missionary friends met that night for our last hour at Sub Zero. The whole entire store sang to me :) I felt so loved. It was a good birthday. Then I read the letter that you sent.. And all the things that you all said you loved about me. I was crying to hard. You have no idea what it means to me, to have those I love most say such uplifting things. I love you all so much more. You are all my heroes. 
Well carol was baptized on Saturday. It was amazing :))) I love her so much. And then brother D'Angelo spoke at it too. He is soo sick, it makes me so sad. He loves when we come over because it is a distraction from his pain.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your constant prayers, your love, and your support. I enjoy all of your emails and letters and packages. They keep me going. 

Don't ever forget who you are. \

Running Hard. 212, 4th missionary

Sister Megan Cooley

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