Tuesday, September 16, 2014

There is some crazy stuff here

Hola familia,
I have had a good week. We did service all week at the special Olympics and had a blast!! I also went on exchanges with the district leader and had a lot of fun. We also almost got our mission leaders lesson goal which no one has ever done before... 1 lesson away. our lessons this week were 97% non members and the rest were less actives. We have never done that before.
I am getting better at the lessons in Spanish and can listen a little better every time. That is the hardest part for me though is understanding them. I can speak it and get my point across but ya... I need to practice more.
I have been workin out and will probably and hopefully be able to maintain my weight out here; if anything I will be dropping weight.... and yall thought I was going to get fat. I love waking up early though; I get up at 5 every morning except for Sundays to work out and get swol. Plus we bike everywhere, my bike is awesome and I love it. Thank you so much.
I swear we see a new miracle in one of our investigators life every time we visit. He has some awesome little stories. He was in a car full of people that wanted him fired from his new job because he was standing out from the crowd by following the rules and making them look bad and plus because of his faith. (the guilty take the truth to be hard.) anyways things started to get heated and he called a number in his phone that he got from some guy that was a marine in church the week before. He acted like it was the complaint personnel from the shell factory. The marine guy caught on and played along with it and sounded very official. they stopped messing with him and dropped him off. Also when he reads his BOM at work they don't mess with him either. haha
There have been times where a person told him how to do something wrong and before he did it on the job by himself he had a feeling to stop and think. he stopped himself from pulling a support out of a platform and falling to the ground. someone is watching over him.
There is some crazy stuff here. Definitely stuff that doesn't go on in Utah haha.
Well... There is so much to tell but I only have so much time. I could write a five page email on this one investigator alone.

Elder Cooley

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