Monday, September 8, 2014

"Below sea level in a giant fish bowl"

Hey fam, 
 My comp is from Hawaii and he is way chill. He had a basketball scholarship before coming out here. We have our differences but we get along well. We pull the highest numbers at the end of the week but its not about numbers... Its about people and loving and serving them.
I think we are going down to the shops in the center of New Orleans this p-day and then the bayou our next p-day. I am very excited. I love seeing gators here and I see way cool turtles every day.
I have had the chance to hear the stories of people that lived through Hurricane Katrina. I will tell you that it was a lot worse than people in other states know. I wont tell you about the stories though because mom would go into mommy mode but ya... it was bad and so sad to hear
We have gotten quite a few new Investigators. We met this lady and her daughter and they were very nice. I know we can continue to have good lessons and progress with them. One of the families that committed to baptism is now not doing so good. The son said he heard some stuff about Mormons (I thing bad opinions from friends) and he said he no longer wanted to be baptized. We are going to talk to him about it next time, plus his wife is a little the same way. We met another guy that is from Cuba and he is doing great. I love the accents from Cuba and Dominican Republic even though they speak crap Spanish.
I love the thunder storms and rain here. They call it the wall of water. You are riding one minute and the next you are soaked to the bone. the water raises very fast here and floods very easy; its probably the fact that we are below sea level in a giant fish bowl haha.
Last night we had two old ladies tell us they couldn't hear our message about the gospel because one of their husbands were across the street and he would get jealous and beat us up if he saw them with younger men hahah. Ok... whatever, have a nice night.

Well I am having a great time and am doing great. Don't worry about me;)
Love you fam

Elder Cooley

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