Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning. Not losing.

Alright, alright, stop laughing. Yes. I was robbed. HAHA okay it is sort of funny. and ironic! So here is the story so I can get it out of the way and get to the good parts of the week!

We went to clean the church at 1pm. We left the car at 1:20 pm. I looked at my bag, looked at sister howard, and said Are you leaving your bag in the car? She said yes. so I said...ok...I will come back for my bag and my dress to change after we are done cleaning. (Haven't I been taught by my dad since I started to drive to NEVER leave my bag in the car?? yes...yes I have. this is seriously the FIRST time I have ever done that out here in Indiana...figures)
We went inside, cleaned for 35 minutes and then came out to the car to leave to do service somewhere else. I looked in the back seat and saw shattered class everywhere.. what the? then I noticed my bag was gone. I was like..
".crap... Elder Hodges is going to be so mad about the car!" 
then I went into crisis problem solving mode. Got on the phone with him to figure out what to do, and to get my credit cards cancelled. I was still doing fine and not even worried or sad that this had happened. I knew my money would be refunded... then he asked what else was in my bag besides my wallet....
my heart literally dropped.... my book of mormon! all my markings... a couple pictures tucked away in there... I started to cry. 
Then I remembered my new plan of salvation lessons was in there too! (we were su[posed to use it that evening for a lesson) (which btw, I love it! It is SOOOO awesome, Thank you!)
Then I remembered my drivers license... aw crap. oh well. replaceable...
Then my heart broke... In my wallet, the one I have had since I was 16...there is this little note tucked away. Its a note that dad wrote me on a little piece of scrap paper. He had tucked it away in my coat pocket when I was leaving on the airplane going to virginia 3 years ago. It talks about how proud he is of me and how he knows I can do hard things... I've carried that little note with me everywhere for 3 years. and now its gone. 
then I remembered my camera... dang. But I can have people who have been with me throughout my mission so far send me as many pictures as possible. I dont feel like asking for a new one because you all have already done so much. and they are expensive! So I think I will just go the rest of my mission having people send them to me each week. litereally every missionary has a camera, and every missionary has a companion, so it will work :) Make do or do without right???
Then I remembered my temple recommend. and I got sad again. But know I definitely can get another one of those. I have an interview with president to get another one on wednesday. 
Anway... thats the gist of what happened. We spent the next hour waiting for the police and vaccuming the inside of the car and then we got back to work. I only cried a little bit, because I decided to look for the lesson instead of the loss.
I knew that this was an opportunity to be taught by heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father didnt tell that person to steal my stuff, that is not how it works, but he allows things to happen to us, because he knows that they will refine us. I'm sure one of satans little angels was telling that person to steal my stuff, but thats ok. He ain't got nothin on me.
You all know I have never really been someone who holds on to things or really cares to much about material posessions, So it was easy for me to say... its ok...its replaceable. I think my lesson to be learned was a lesson of control, and a lesson of forgetting about myself.
1. my planner was in the purse... I LIVE OUT OF THAT THING! it seriously had so many tiny details, so many plans for the upcoming weeks... and now I can't hardly remember any of it.... haha. This is the Lord's work, and he is in control. Not sister Cooley. 
2. I was tempted to make a big deal out of this, and to cry a lot and talk about it to everyone. But I had a feeling, or a prompting, that this would not be a good example for Sister Howard. I literally felt the Holy Ghost, helping me change my thoughts, helping me stay positive, helping me let it roll off my back. I had been praying that morning about how I wanted to forget about myself and do this work  his way. How I needed help knowing that this work isnt about me. Well, haha I got my experience to humble me and teach me. We got to go to a baptism that night. I was able to ponder on the REAL purpose of this mission, and the REAL purpose of this life. Yes, I will miss the things I lost, but thats not what this mission is about. It's about what I got to witness.. a beautiful young woman making sacred covenants with Heavenly Father. Doing her best to make it back home. That is what each of us have promised to do... to do our best, to be like the savior, to give our all to him... to come home.

So, all in all, I am ok :) I got a new purse today and am waiting for my new credit card and license to come.. when that will be I dont know. Doesn't really matter. 

Before all of this happened, we had a super awesome week! 3 new investigators. With Heavenly Father's help, all 3 could be baptized in late October. Patricia, she is the lady I emailed about last week, and then Terryn and Sarah, they are twin 11 year old girls, daughters of a less active in our ward who is trying to come back. Its fun :) All 3 have expressed the desire to be baptized :) Heavenly Father is guiding us as we continue to turn our lives over to him. 

This week Elder Perkins is coming to our mission to train us! He is a member of the 70. We are super excited! He asked each companionship to come prepared to teach a 10 minute restoration lesson with a commitment to baptism at the end and an invitation to church, and for each missionary to come prepared with a 4 minute talk on how commitments strengthen our conversion through the power of the Holy Ghost. It has been so fun to study that topic and to learn more about my role as a missionary in extending commitments. :) super important. 

Well, I am sorry that I dont have a picture for you this week... I have no camera hahaha. Hopefully I will get some from elder baker and sister hunt this week and then I can send some next monday. 

Thank you for the packages and the GPS. You are AWESOME! I loved it. p.s. you must have been inspired when sending me a wallett for my birthday... cuz now I have one again :) haha

Thank you for your emails and your love and your support. I love being a missionary, and in being a part of these wonderful peoples journey back to Heavenly Father. I am so blessed to be a part of each of your lives. you have strengthened me in ways that I cannot even count. Thank you for constantly being there for me, but for allowing me to grow and experience hard things. ooo and thanks for spoiling me :)

I love you so much. 
Never give up. Never surrender.
Running hard at 212
4th missionary FOREVER (I reread that again this week. SO GOOD)
Sister Megatron megs Cooley

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