Monday, September 22, 2014

just think in spanish

Hey fam,
I dont have much time but I can share what has gone on this week. So I never thought that I would be stopped from going out in the day because my companion might poop his pants, yeah I said it. He is taking meds for his shoulder (he might get sent home for shoulder surgery and I might be getting a new companion) But anyways he is taking meds and all that night he had to go to the bathroom every ten minutes... no lie. That went on for the entire day every ten to twenty minutes haha. That night I woke up  to the bathroom light on and him pacing back and forth in the room holding his chest. Turns out even though he was still eating and drinking a lot he was still dehydrated and was having crazy bad chest pains. We had to call the Mission medical and she just told him to drink more water (oh thanks for the help lady) So I gave him a blessing and a ton of water and told him to get some sleep. I stayed up and kept an eye on him until he was asleep and the next time he got up he told me I could go back to bed. I kept checking on him at like 5 and 6 but he ended up sleeping in until eleven (orders from the pres. to sleep in). I woke up at 6:30 and worked out but he was knocked out; he was running on so little of sleep. We ended up having to stay in that day also. Man do I feel useless and lame having to sit inside!!!
So one of our investigators read about fasting somewhere and said he wanted to try it haha... (it blesses you a lot) after we taught him how to fast he told us that he was having stressful times at work but he has strong faith that everything will work out and that he wont get dragged into sunday to work. This sunday we didnt expect him to show up at church because of work but all the sudden he walked into class! what a stud! He knows what is the right thing to do and he has a very strong testimony.
This week this mom was calling he child ugly, fat and stupid so I shared an experience of my sister with her and how she had an eating dissorder and how powerful the mind is and told her that everything you do has an effect on people especially your daughter. That much bad treatment verbally to that girl will have bad repercussions in the future, I hope it changes. We go and see them every week and I will check up on that situation. I will admit the daughter acts crazy but that doesnt mean she should be mistreated.
So I gave a talk in church yesterday. All spanish. I love spanish. I have realized that I am trying to translate spanish to english in my mind and that has been the wrong way to do it. It sounds wierd but I am working on connecting thoughts to certain spanish words so I dont have to translate it and just think in spanish; it is working a lot better that way and I can just think in spanish. You just have to let it all go and pay close attention and just let the spanish words flow haha. Jesse and Nate probably know what I am talking about... you too dad with AfriKaans. P.S. there is an elder here from africa and was very interested to hear that my dad served in africa and knew that language
Well... Love you fam and have a great week.
Elder Cooley

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