Thursday, July 17, 2014

With eyes wide open.

He said, "we expect and want members to be actively doing something, every day to prepare the hearts of their family and friends to receive the gospel. That does not mean that we have to give pamphlets or share testimony or invite them to church every day or even at all for awhile. But it is being a kind friend, a good example, inviting them to play basketball at the church, inviting them to a ward activity, having lunch with them, etc. etc." All of those small acts, plant seeds. They open hearts, and eventually they open doors to the missionaries. This work is MEMBER LED. We cannot do it without members of the church to invite their friends, to fellowship the investigators, and to continue to love and befriend the new converts and reactivated. 
We don't have the best member involvement in our ward...yet. However, from our training, sister Hunt and I both felt very inspired to change the way that we go about missionary work. We have decided to set up appointments with members, to teach them how to be missionaries, and to talk to them about it. One thing they trained us was not to be a burden to members, but like PMG says, to strengthen their faith in the missionaries and in missionary work, in order that they may have the desire to be a part of it. it honestly is essential. I think that this next general conference will have another huge push for member involvement. 

..Something funny that happened yesterday... This lady got up to say the closing prayer. She began her prayer and said how grateful she was that we had heard so much about genealogy and family history work, and how she knew we all needed to be more involved. then she said..."haha I started doing my family history work when I was... oh about 14. I just felt like I needed to do it. I worked on it for several years and finally thought, oh I am done! and here I am, 55 years later, still doing it!! haha so I know, nobody is done, even when you think you are! You can do cousins and friends and so many people that need help.." at this point I am thinking...what the heck....did I just think this was a prayer and its really another talk?.. I was so confused, so I opened my eyes and looked up at her and her eyes were open and she was looking out at the crowd!!!! HAHAHA I looked over at sister Hunt and she had opened her eyes too. We looked at each other and it took all we had in us not to bust up laughing. And then, as if she remembered she was supposed to be praying, she closed her eyes and started talking like a prayer again. Oh man,  it was the best part of my day yesterday. hahaha.

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  1. Proud of you Sister Cooley. You are truly making a different in peoples life's. Your in my prayers. I was at the temple yesterday and put your name on the prayer roll. Love you and keep working hard.