Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shrinking Muscles? Growing Heart!

So this week we started teaching a FAMILY! an actual family. Sister Hunt says this is the first family she has taught. She keeps saying... man I dont know how all of this stuff is happening, haha this never happens. It is a single mother and her three children. They are SO Cute! The mom grew up christian and went to church all of the time. Jesus Christ has always been a part of her life. But once she got married she kind of just stopped going to church. Now she has these adorable kids. They went and saw the Son of God movie together and the kids were asking SO many questions. She realized that she had never really taught them anything except to pray. So she began teaching them some stuff. and she realized that she wanted them to go to the church that was true, the church the mirrored what Christ established when he was on the earth. (WHAAATT?? haha perfect right?) So she works for a man in our ward and started asking him questions. He did a great job in answering some of them and then referred her to us and us to her. Our first lesson was on the restoration. The spirit was really strong. All of the kids sat and listened and we included them by asking them questions. At one point, when we were talking about the first vision, the mom was pretty teary eyed. She likes to read and asked for her own copy of the Book of Mormon. All of them came to church on sunday and sat next to us. The kids, even the 4 year old, behaved well. The kids loved primary too. haha it was fun.

Sister Hunt and I have exchanges tomorrow with the sister Training leaders. They are campus missionaries at IUPUI, so we will be PC'ing on campus tomorrow. I will be with Sister Gill, She is super fun and cool, so I am excited. 
Wednesday, Sister Hunt and I were selected to attend a specialized MLC. I guess the mission department from SLC is coming out to do a special training. They selected 8 companionships from the mission to go. We are so blessed. It is in carmel, which is about 45 minutes away from west indy. We are riding down with the STL's, so that will be fun. I am excited to receive some guidance. I know that I need a lot of work as a missionary, and I have SO much to learn. Im getting better at talking to people, and tracting, and opening my mouth. However, I still need to work on that confidence. 

We ran the canal again this morning. This time the Elders joined us. Haha I think they all hate running.... We just laugh at them. Its so weird.. all of my muscle is disappearing. my arms are shrinking. haha sister Hunts just laughs and says... oh just you wait. great. lol. as long as I am shrinking and not expanding, I will be ok :)
We have made it a tradition now to run the canal every p-day. On the other days we do running and circuits with jump rope, burpees, squats, abs, etc. I am so glad that Sister Hunt likes to work out. One day last week we just went for a walk in the morning because we were both so tired and sore haha. So don't worry, we are taking care of ourselves. 

Thank you all for the emails and letters and advice and love and scriptures. It means the world to me that you think of me as you study and pray. I know that you love me. I know that you miss me, and that is awesome. I miss you all too, but I know that if I was home I would just be a bum, not progressing at all, watching netflix, hanging out at the gym, being grumpy. hahaha. No Bueno. I know I am doing what is right for me, and what is right for the Lord. I can't even begin to tell you how this mission has stretched me just socially. You know how I am sort of introverted? Like.. when people invite me to things I don't usually go? haha well that is NOT an option here. If you get invited to something you pretty much have to go. I usually have a few minutes of anxiety and dread. and think... crap.. I really dont want to go. I'd rather spend my pday doing this or this... but then we go, and I have a good attitude and I have a good time! I'm learning to be social! haha aren't you proud of me?

Well, I think that is all that I have to say.... :).

I hope you all know how much  I love you. I really appreciate all the emails and letters and packages. They give me such a boost. They help me recharge. 

Today I studied Faith during my personal study. One thing that stuck out to me in the Bible Dictionary passage on faith is about how God has revealed to us his perfect character than we may confidently place our faith in him. I love that. What reason do we have to doubt in a God that is always there, always fair, always listening, all knowing, all loving, always honest? And throughout the scriptures, there is never anything that contradicts those characteristics. Isnt that comforting? Even when the world screams at us that God is unknowable, or there is no evidence of a God, we know they are wrong. Look around you, look up, look at the mountains and the flowers and the trees. Look at the function of your amazing bodies! How could all of that be chance? I love what you said dad, about moses 7. The Lord loves us so much. Sure, I may never perfectly understand his power or things like that. But I have felt that love, and for now, that is enough. Everything beautiful and light and good sings of Gods love for his Children.

Remember that you are loved, watched over, and protected. Continue faithful. Be diligent and obedient and you will see miracles in your life.

I love you all so much. I am so glad we have been sealed in the temple for eternity. I am so lucky to be able to testify of that to families here. 

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