Friday, July 18, 2014

Vive en Mexico!

Hey family! 
I love it in Mexico! This place is poppin! There is always
something crazy going on. Everyone is so friendly and says hello..
that's at least in the CCM. At night all I hear is WAAAY loud traffic,
everyone takes their pipes off or straight pipes their cars so they
are way loud, I guess they think it is cool or something. There are
loud booms that come from up the city; I don't know why, but they are
fireworks and they are going off 24/7 I will wake up in the middle of
the night and hear them all the way into the morning. Don't you people
ever sleep! haha I love it! My companions name is Elder
Peterson and he is from utah too. Our zone is really cool and nice.
The gift of tongues is real. 
At first I could pick up a few words and kind of understand but now I can carry
on a discussion with Jorge without notes. I have noticed big time also
that when we are teaching it is just filling in questions and helping
them understand the doctrine... but when we testify and share
experiences, that is when the real teaching is done. I have found it
interesting and pretty cool that we come here to learn the gospel, we
come here to learn the language, but the thing that we end up learning
the most is that its not about us. I have loved the power of the
spirit here. sometimes you get discouraged and can feel it... that is
because where fear and doubt is faith can not be. I work hard to be
confident and learn the lessons, especially in Spanish. 
I have learned more in three days here than three years in jr. high with Mrs. Krebs hahah
It is the funnest and coolest experience though!
 Love you... Working hard... 212° Elder Cooley


  1. So proud of you Elder Cooley. Your are surely missed around the Robison household , but we are glad you are where you are at this time. You are doing a great job. I know you will continue to be blessed and things will become easier and easier. Love ya and miss ya.

  2. Crazy life of Mexico City and I know your enjoying it all. Elder Cooley I'm proud of you and I have been touched by your testimony of the gift of tongues that it is real. I know that you're being blessed with so much and through your serves and hard work you will be blessed even more. I was at the temple yesterday and I put your name in the prayer roll. Love you