Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nephilims???? What?

Hello World. (sometimes I pretend that my blog has become famous because everyone loves my humor...PSYCH)

This week flew by. It was good and hard and sad and hard and amazing and funny and hard. 

On tuesday we got to teach the Achievement day girls about Physical Fitness. We did circuits and taught basic movements, then did some fun 1/2 Tabatas. They loved it. their moms all came and told us they had so much fun. On August 5th we are teaching them again, but we are teaching Nutrition this time. They will all be vegetarians by the time I am through with them.... HAHA jk jk jk. I'll probably end up teaching something like eat vegetables..not candy. But we are going to make them Green smoothies too. :)

On Friday we had interviews with president, they went really well. super short. I told him the first night in the mission home that he would never have to worry about me, that I would always be obedient and work hard. I think that's why it was short. haha Sister Hunt is a great trainer and we do what we are supposed to do. No problems.
After interviews we had to go get our car fixed. We are in that stupid Toyota dealership place for FOUR hours. I was about to go crazy,... but believe it or not.. I am learning to be patient. hahah so I was fine. For the first 2 hours we started talking with a man sitting next to us about God and he said he knew about Joseph smith. Then the man across from us joined in , and then the lady across the room. Pretty soon we had the entire waiting room involved in a gospel discussion! There was a non-denominational Christian, a Methodist, and a 7th day Adventist, and us! It was really spiritual and REALLY Cool. Two of them received a book of mormon like... 10 years ago. They still have it. We told them to read it. We also gave them mormon.orgcards. My favorite part of the discussion is we all went around and bore testimony of why we loved our religion and why we believed in God and stuff. It was so cool. 

I think I told you that we are teaching a Jehovah's Witness right? so we were teaching her the plan of salvation this week, and we got her to say she believed that we lived with God before this life! Honestly its amazing what is going on here. haha. But oh man, she took this crazy random tangent and started talking about how her favorite thing in the bible is the Nephilims..... sister hunt and I just looked at each other and said huh? the what? she's all " WHAAAaatt! Y'all never heard of the nephilims?!" then she proceeded to read us several passages from her JW bible about the nephilims. (giants) They are apparently the evil spirits who follow satan who had sex with the beautiful daughters of man who grew into Giants...... Riiiiiiiggghhhtttt.... okay okay okay. hahahaha. It was hard not to laugh. 

Okay Well. I love you all so much. 
I hope you are doing well, and are happy. 
I pray for you each individually every night. 
Please know that I am happy. I am so blessed to be an instrument in the lords hand. To be directed in every way by him, to those who have been prepared to hear the message of the gospel.

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