Monday, July 28, 2014

Loving it! Mexico style

Hey fam! I am doing great! I love it here:) I am understanding, getting faster, and better at Spanish every day. I have all ready taught 12 lessons in Spanish and 4 of those have been without notes. I will send you a picture with my teacher next week, he is the nicest, funniest little Mexican I know. We joke around all the time and get along very well. Whenever he talks to you you can just tell he cares about you. I have learned some valuable lessons here all ready, it is amazing at how much you can learn in such little time. One of the biggest lessons is that it is the spirit that teaches and that one small degree of obedience can change the entire way my day goes. I love it. I am so glad I took three years in Jr. high. I don't know how I remember so much but I love the language!
I love my zone! We all get along pretty well. ALL of the workers are so nice here! I have never met a nicer janitor in the whole world! They are so happy and say hi to everyone. I feel very happy on my mission and am loving it.

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