Tuesday, October 21, 2014

same old same old

Hey fam! I seriously don't know what to write about. The days are starting to wrap together and go faster and faster. my weeks go by pretty fast and every once in a while you have something interesting happen. I have now collected $10.88 in change off the street haha. keep up this pace and im gonna be rich.
 So I heard some history about my mission. It used to be one of the most apostate missions. 9 to 6 years ago (I think it was 6) the entire new Orleans district was sent home from their missions and two people were excommunicated. that is just an idea of how bad it was. Missionaries would go wakeboarding or play Xbox and drink beer. Bad huh!
It is hard to be exactly obedient. I work at it and am getting a lot better at it. Going to bed at 10:30 instead of 11:00 just has never seemed like a big deal to me but I Know it maters. It is the small stuff that is hard but makes all the difference. I just need to make sure that I never get comfortable because that is when you fall into daily routines and certain habits. I need to be on edge and doing my best.
I had a fun Saturday this week. We woke up early and dig chest and legs at the gym and then went on a bike ride with the scouts fort their biking merit badge. We biked 15 miles and we (The fit missionaries) flew the entire way and biked over that 15 miles because we went back and forth to stay with the scouts. Later that day we rode all around to appointments and I would have to say that in total we biked around 40 miles that day haha. I feel good out here. I work out and eat well.
Talk about giving back to scouting... I have been to every scouting bike ride and we are always seeing the scouts and helping them to try to get their eagle. I guess I was meant to get my eagle and help these kids get theirs too.
I think I agree with the saying of missionary work  "burn the south and do baptisms for the dead" haha. I feel like so many people turned us down or stopped talking to us this week. We crossed two people off of our list because they would look through their blinds and not answer... I can see you!!! I just want to kick their door down every time I see that.
The ice cream trucks around here drive around playing rap music haha its pretty funny. I love the ghetto. You see new things every day. Our apartment and pretty much every house in new Orleans is infested with cockroaches haha. If you have big roaches you are safe but the little ones means you have an infestation... we have little ones. We always whip them with rags in the mornings, its actually pretty fun. We never have a problem with them though... they aren't hurting anybody. Im at least not bothered by them.
Thank you so much for your packages and mail; I enjoy them.
let me know if you have questions... love yall.

Elder Cooley

Thank you Lisa Carter!
Her and her son visited his old mission Louisiana and took Shane to lunch.          
                                                      Shane with Rulon MacKay- a LDS in Louisana that his mom attended Bountiful High with, what a small world!

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