Thursday, October 9, 2014

Conference Weekend

Hello Family!

Good weekend eh? When President Monson got up and spoke, I had this pain/heat in my chest. I know he is a true prophet of God. I know that what each speaker said was from Heavenly Father and is how we can come closer to Christ and be more happy in our lives. 
On Sunday I got a little overwhelmed. SO much said on what we need to change... and improve on... but I like what one speaker said... Small daily changes are much much easier than large course changes. So just take it step by step. I'm trying not to be overwhelmed or too hard on myself. Sometimes that is hard though haha

Last Sunday we fasted that we might find a family to teach (1 nephi 8:12), as directed by our President and Elder Perkins. I couldn't believe how much that was emphasized in conference! I think I heard 1 nephi 8:12 quoted like 5 times! I know I am being directed by inspired men here in Indiana. They listen to the spirit and direct us accordingly. Heavenly Father needs and wants FAMILIES!

Well that sunday, as we were fasting, we had one of our referrals come to church. I had received this referral a couple of days before Sis. Howard came here. We had tried several times to contact her and almost gave up. We decided to call one last time. She answered and said she wanted to come to church. She showed up the next day in sacrament meeting with her son and daughter. She said that her friend is investigating the church in Pennsylvania and told her that she needed to go to church. So she sought us out! She and her two kids stayed for all 3 meetings. I asked her if she has been taught anything about the gospel or the LDS church.. she said no, but that she attended church 2 times before at the eagle creek ward, and they told her she needed to to go the building closer to her. So we set up an appt. with her the following night. Her husband was there and two kids and they all participated in the lesson, answered questions and loved it. We extended a baptismal invitation and they all accepted. Her son volunteered to say the prayer at the end. It was a fun lesson. Then we went and saw them again on Friday and taught the Plan of Salvation. We hadnt realized at first, but basically this family only knows about Jesus Christ and what he did... and that is it. So we get to help them build their faith in the doctrines from the ground up! It is cool because they don't have any like set in stone conflicting beliefs. They are so wonderful and I love being with them. At the end we told them we had prayed about a baptism date, novermber 22, and asked them to prepare for that day. They accepted. Then we knelt, and each member of the family took a turn praying to know if that was the day they should be baptized. The spirit was so strong. I felt warm and at peace. They all said they felt good too. I hope they continue to ask questions and pray while we are away from them for a few days. 
I always worry about that with my investigators. Obviously satan doesnt want them to make these changes or take these steps... We have maybe 1 or 2 days with them a week,, maybe some phone calls... and he and his demons have all of the rest of the time... Luckily Christ is more powerful. Luckily the light can ALWAYS push out the darkness. Luckily and thankfully... righteousness always prevails. We pray and pray and pray for them. 
they came to conference at the church on sunday morning. It was so great to look back and see them there! I sure hope they felt the spirit. 

I am grateful for conference and the ability to have them in print in a couple of days. I tried not to take extensive notes so I could just listen to the spirit and write down inspiration. So I can't wait to have every word in my hand. 

Sister Howard is doing really well! When she first came out she had a DEATHLY fear of speaking in public. She didnt want to talk much in lessons. We are a lot alike in how we think and how we have been raised to expect a lot of ourselves. So she gets frustrated that she is not perfect at teaching yet haha. I keep telling her "line upon line" We are ALL still learning. She swam for BYU before she came on her mission and is learning to adjust to not being in a pool for hours every day. :) but I am amazed at the growth I have already seen in her. She teaches a lot now. She has a 'go get em' attitude. We have decided that our attitude every day will be JUST DO IT! sometimes things are hard or we are exhausted or whatever... but we just do it. :) We are finding ways to have fun and to make ourselves better each day.

Well, I love you all. I hope you find ways to apply the atonement in your lives this week and let it change you. That's what its all about. Daily Changes.... oh and family :) I am so grateful for such a wonderful Family that is so supportive and has instilled in be correct principles and taught me the scriptures since birth!

Love you forever. Thank you for your love and prayers. I will talk to ya next weeeeeek. boy how they days fly.

212 always. 4th missionary.
Love Sister Cooley

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