Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A drop in the Ocean

Hey familia! 
How goes it? I am writing you today because I wasnt able to yesterday. I have had a long week... It felt long but wow it is all ready over. We had one day this week that I swear we tried to visit every single person on our list and that we could think of.... Guess how many doors we got into? Zero!!!!!!!!
Thats okay though; You are not a true missionary unless you have had some sort of day like that. We had to bike so much (I like that part) and we didnt have one lesson. We scheduled a lot and said hi to some people at the door step but nada.
We went to the WW2 museum which is HUGE. It is like three buildings of just a maze of history. I will be very honest.... I loved it but I did not have a good time. It made me not want to be on a mission. you know how much I look up to military. I felt stressed and couldn't think of the reason for in which I was out here. I am doing great now but it was just a heavy moment. I know that if I'm ever going to do something worth my time and going to help the world and myself the most is HERE on a mission. That is where I should be. The military isn't going anywhere and what would America be without god in the first place? In god we trust... I am still serving it because where there is god there will be liberty. 
I have honestly learned so much on my mission all ready. So much more planned out, organized, diligent with my time and work; I couldn't ask for a better experience to make me a better and more prepared person. That is one of the biggest reasons I would encourage someone to go on a mission... What else are you doing? when you get comfortable is when you stop growing. I like to think of holding my breath for this concept. If you were to hold your breath for 1 minute and it was easy would you ever progress? no, no you would not. It is when you feel that deep uncomfortable feeling in your lungs as you push yourself to the limit; That is when the true growing and improvement takes place. It is in the same way with stretching and everything in your life. 
I just got back from District Meeting and I had to come up with an activity for our District and we ended up playing traveling pictionary. Man... there is no unity building that is better than that game. After we went to taco bell to grab a quick bite and we saw a man we like to talk to that is always there and is homeless. We had talked to him about the gospel and bout him food before but this time he looked a little better and was clean shaven. I said hello and told him he was looking better and good and bought him a lunch. I love service, He was so grateful and thanked my comp and I and said we have been sent from god. We plan on giving him some cloths next sat. and I hope he will be doing even better.
I am so humbled to be out here and am humbled every day. I have a lot to work on and will continue to do so. 

Take a hard look at yourself but not hard on yourself
take a hard look at others so that you know where to go easy on them and help them improve.

Next week is transfers, we have DM at the church 4 miles from our apartment. I am happy here; I think it should be the other way around... don't worry about me mom. I'm fine. my comp is probably going to have surgery on his shoulder out here (which will be a blessing) because his dad told him if he came home early he couldn't live with him. his mom is different but ya... he wants to stay out here. He is a dang good kid and said if he has to go home for it then he will just deal with the pain and stay out here for the work. what a stud. he will be blessed.

Sorry for the long email haha... weird huh? love yall

Elder Cooley

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