Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey :)
This week was long, I will be honest! haha. On tuesday Sister Howard and I had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. Sister Howard go to go work on Campus and Sister Hales and I worked in my area for the day. We tracted in the pouring rain and then had some solid lessons in the afternoon. 
We taught **** and ***** Keeping the Sabbath day Holy. He had never heard of it before. He asked..."Well what should I do? I HAVE to work sundays.. it is a seniority thing... once you work there for 10 years, you get your sundays off... I have only been there 7..." 
We then talked about faith for awhile. Why would Heavenly Father NOT want you to keep a commandment? Why would he NOT help you keep it? It reminded me of when I wanted to play a championship soccer game on a sunday in Denver. I remember dad told me to pray about it... so I did, and I played the game. It was the most horrible game ever. And I felt horrible and sick inside afterward. Then when I got home from Denver, I remember talking to dad about the game... I said... I dunno, I guess I just felt that Heavenly Father said it was okay to play the game on sunday... and Dad said... Megan...Why would Heavenly Father tell you or give you permission to break one of his commandments when you could have kept it?
That has always stuck with me. None of us are exempt. True, there are very different circumstances all around the world... but I truly believe that God loves his Children, and gives commandments for a reason... Why would he NOT provide a way for His children to keep ALL of them?
I texted him and told him to read 1 Nephi 3:7. 
He has such strong faith. It has been amazing to watch him and his wife and their daughter develop faith and understand truth and feel love. They will all be baptized soon. Tomorrow we are dropping the Word of Wisdom ball on them... eeeeeeeek. We told them last time that we were teaching the Lords law of health the next time we come over.. I know they both drink a lot of Coffee.... please please please pray for them, and for Sister Howard and I. We need it :)

Last night was our monthly "Why I Believe" fireside. Anita was one of the speakers. She did a wonderful job. I am so lucky to get to take part and watch people come closer to Christ. It is such a divine responsibility to be a guide. I don't consider myself anything more than just an instrument there to say the words. The spirit does the teaching. Haha I am lucky that he can touch peoples hearts, because sometimes we mess up :)

I've noticed this past week that Anxiety and faith/God's love cannot exist at the same time in one person. I am searching in prayer and scripture study each day to know how to trust him, to understand his will for me. for strength. To know how to apply the atonement. I have found great strength in prayer and I stay focused. Often it is sooo easy for me to wonder around in my mind during my prayers. But when I keep focused, I feel strength. I ask questions and then I listen. Ive been trying to make them more of conversations than just lists.
 Well. I love you all so much.
Sister Howard and I have So much fun together each day. We love those we are teaching and we are doing our best to be better missionaries and more effective planners and teachers.

I hope all is well at home.

212 always.
4th missionary

Sister Cooley

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