Monday, October 13, 2014

feelin the spirit!

I have had a chill week. We were one lesson away from our goal this week. If this lady would have opened her door then we would have done it... dang:/ We went to a B-Day party this week and it was for the same kid we have dance battles with. He was supposed to have it at chucky cheeses but his dad spent all the money on beer. sad huh. We have had good lessons and are getting better at studies.
We did service for Pasture Kimball this week and I think next week we will get the chance to go to his huge baptist church and they told us to be ready for some good music and feelin the spirit! man!! I can all ready see it now, Praise the lord!!! hahaha
I love trying to make food from the Latinos and other cultures. We have made a few cakes and drinks. I love the cultures down here. I have noticed my Spanish was a little better this week. I have found that my idioma (language) and how well I speak all depends on my morning study.
Elder Cooley

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