Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feliz Nuevo Ano!

Hola familia! Que tal? I had a pretty fast week this week. Obviously because I talked to y'all on Skype this week. I had a great time with talking to all of you.

It has rained a ton this week... I love it. I love nothing more than the wet and cold. Is that weird?

So we went over to the investigator that is trying to quit drinking and when I pulled up he was drinking again. We had a pretty straight forward lesson and also a very powerful discussion with him. He gets stressed and down on himself and so he drinks to cope with it. That is why it is so important sometimes to not  point out peoples problems and we just need to look past differences. He knows he has a problem, he knows he has a lot to fix and most of the time telling them that again just tears them down. We need to look past faults (we all have them) and build people up instead.

He is pretty stressed for providing for his family. I asked him... have you ever been to the point where you thought you were going to die from hunger? or have you been in torn cloths or no cloths on your back and thrown out into the streets? (Read Matthew 6:25-34)where do you have room to doubt and fear? If God feeds the birds and cloths the grass fields then are ye not much better than they? Don't worry about it because God will provide.
 I felt very strongly to promise him that if he is always progressing and doing his part in some little way (because God demands progression not perfection) then he will never go without.

Why would you use a Spotlight to do a job in which a flashlight is all that is needed to accomplish it? Therefore... why would God give you a great miracle when just a little tender mercy would do the trick. Isaiah 55: 8-9
Life might not be perfect but god knows what you need and what you can and cant handle. he will not give you a trial without a way to overcome it.

I love my mission. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in my life right now. I have learned things that I know will help me in my life after and that there is so much in store for us... and a lot of people don't know it. We have so much potential.

I read the 4th missionary and it had a lot of insights that I loved and needed to hear. That talk can pertain to anything you do in life.
I don't know what else to say... so feliz Nuevo ano!

the 4th
-Elder Cooley

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