Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I can explain!

Sorry about last week. I had written a letter and the library computer kicked me off and wouldn't let me log back on... anyways... I am staying in Kenner again with the same comp! This transfer is seven weeks... wow. I love this area and the people in it are awesome. I will have somewhere to go on Christmas so I will let you know more
We had a death in the ward this week. we started seeing him and his family two weeks before this happened and it has brought us closer to his family to listen to the gospel. Everything happens for a reason. It reminds me of all of the visits dad would go do as bishop. He died on his and his nieces birthday... sad. He was in the ICU for one week from a massive heart attack. He had three arteries 97% clogged. He had never told his family about his health problems so they actually got a lot of news about him when they got to the hospital. They didn't even know he couldn't see out of his left eye... tough little geezer aint he?! Sounds to me like something dad haha.

So bens brother in Texas has a baptismal date for December 28 and he has all ready bore his testimony in church... wow. It is cool to see results of missionary work. he invites friends to church and is a strong member. I wish every member of the church was more like ben; Then the very gates of hell would tremble and be no more. I look up to him a lot.

 We have a new investigator from Honduras that we met at tacobell... Ironic huh haha? He is in a sling from surgery and we asked him what happened; turns out he was struck by lightning!!!..... "refried beans" hahahaha sorry I had to throw that one in there. But everything happens for a reason and now he has met us and is learning the lessons. We took him to family home evening and he is wanting to learn more. The other night he asked us if there is life after we die... I never thought I would be asked that question; Si! Claro que si! Este es un subjectivo grande entonces Podemos pasar manana y compartir mas de este? I am excited to share more with him; he is excited to learn more too.

 Our friend with the drinking problem relapsed this week but we are still working with him. It says in the PMG to think of something you do without thinking about it (like popping your knuckles) and then try not to do that for a day, and then a week and then never again. I cant even imagine having an alcohol or drug addiction. He is doing great though and it will only get better. I hope.

I feel so humbled out here. I feel even more humbled to here from one of my best friends Hayden. It takes a real man to do that kind of stuff. All I have been wanting to do is work harder and not let a moment pass by since I heard his news and how strong of a desire he has to serve. Luv ya buddy, I look up to you a lot.

Love you family and friends! thank you for being good examples to me. Thank you for all of the packages and letters too.  

Elder Cooley

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