Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Hey I'm not quite sure to tell you in this email this week seeing that I'm going to be talking to you on Christmas. I got your tree! thank you for all you give me, I evjoy reading letters and stuff like that. I will be sending a package... I just want to get everything together first that I want to send (letters, gifts...etc.).
So We hit over our mission lesson goal this week. We got 22 lessons and had a great week with helping people. We had some of our less actives come to church again and also our refried bean investigator (the Honduran that got struck by lightning). I feel like I have come to the point in my mission to where It seems like missionary work is my life. I feel good; Converted to the work. This is my life now.
I have had some sick Bible studies! I'm flying through the bible and I love it! I don't think I will ever think of the word "seed" the same ever again but that's okay haha. I can prove so much things that our church is true in the bible. I can prove in the bible that the church was restored and the book of Mormon is true. I have dug pretty deep into my studies and have found some cool stuff. If I ever needed something to fall back on with my testimony (if I had doubts) And I needed a bench mark to keep me in the game... I would fall back onto the book of Mormon and the bible. They are true.
Have any questions while I'm still online?
P.S. I am going to call you before so you can know when to answer my call on Skype.

-Elder Cooley

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