Thursday, December 4, 2014

EYE sight and MIND sight

hey fam! I had a pretty good week last week. I have just been doing the regular mission life in the south... Chillen with drunk hondurenios and their borracho music; and being the only white kid on the block. haha I think that my favorite thing now is when some with trash lady or black chick asks me if im a cop hahaha. By the way we had a good thanksgiving. the regular thanksgiving meal in our first appointment and tamales and ham in the next two... stuffed!
I met with my president for our interviews and he changed my look and opinions on a lot of things. I have witnessed how fast my mission is flying by and how many opportunities I am going to miss if I am not careful. I have committed myself to die before I ever leave this post!
As missionaries with a language we have been promised that if we ready the Book of Mormon in our language than we will be able to speak it (and for me specifically I was promised that if I put my heart into my studies than people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a native and my gringo voice). I know this is true. I have all ready seen it influence my language. I now can understand in church and not sit there bored because I don't know what the freak is going on. I have a long ways to go but the important thing with learning a language is to look back at your progress and not so far forward that you get overwhelmed. I read every night, wake up early to work out and study language and after I have my study of language later that morning too. I love the people and I have a desire to be able to interact and communicate with them.
So do you remember ben? So he moved to Texas before he was confirmed down here so he had his confirmation in Texas this Sunday. He ended up bringing 3 new investigators to church with him; and two of them have that desire now to learn more and to take the missionary lessons. One of those three is his little brother and he has a baptismal date on the 28th of December now. Wow! He is a new member who quite drinking and changed his life and is now one of the most impactful and faithful members I know. He is constantly bringing others unto Christ and is having a huge impact on his family and friends now. I told him that god has a lot in store for him and a great work for him to do... he told me that he has all ready accepted that and said for god to do what he wants with him... put him through what ever god wants him to go through... and his will be done.
Our friend that we are helping to stop drinking hasn't drank in three days... its not a lot but that is a huge first step. He is trying to get out of the environment he is living in now and change his life. People end up digging themselves so far down that the only way to get out is a struggled slow climb one step at a time. I hope it continues that way for him so he can live a more balanced life.
Hey Megs: this is what I had on my mind this morning so I hope it can help you and whoever it may concern.
There is EYE sight and MIND sight... Eye sight is what you see in a situation, trial, task, and how it might appear. And then there is MIND sight... this is how you view your situation, trial, task, and how you are going to react to it. I strongly believe that as we live our lives clean and upright then whatever happens to us will be the RIGHT thing. Look around you... we have so much in this life that goes on. We have the earth, the ocean, the stars, and the galaxy... how could God have time to even focus on me?
I want you to answer these questions in your mind:
You believe in a God right?
And this God.. you believe that he created you, the heavens and the earth?
than I can not believe that life was created by a God that didn't have a plan.... By a God that just woke up one day and decided to have some fun creating life... putting us through trials... and then it just stopping it there after we were all killed off.
For a God to create a precise earth... he is a God that has a precise plan intended for each and every one of us. Can you wrap your mind around just dying and that was it? you just ceased to exist!
Are you living your life accordingly to how you are supposed to? I could probably guarantee that you are.... therefore, if your mission in the field stops there then that is the right thing. God loves you. he cares about you. He has a specific plan for you; And he isn't resting on it or forgetting about you.
Megs you are a big example to everyone and especially me... I cant tell you how much people I tell about you. The MIND sight that you have right now will determine the type of person you are and the person you will become. It is these types of moments that truly shows what we are made of. Keep doing what your good at... keeping your head up and keep moving forward.
Love you fam!
Elder Cooley

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