Thursday, January 15, 2015

Offered a wife twice....

Hey fam. how goes life? how yall makin out? I had a good week this week. Its just the same old same old. The days get faster and faster and Its harder to remember all that we did... I gues thats why we have paper work right?
So we got a baptismal date set for our investigator! he is planning on being baptised on the 31st of january. I have always wondered what it would be like learning of these things at an older age and actually remembering your baptism. its sad... I dont remember mine. All I remember is mooning my mom later that night haha.
So our friend with the drinking problem isnt doing to good... The struggle is real. He hasnt stopped drinking and there is a lot of rough things going on in his life. I know that it is his fault having these hard things in his life and he knows it too. (there are no doors to misery and hell... we build our own to get there; one brick at a time.) It just proves how important your desires are. I was getting pretty frustrated at it because Its didnt seem like he was trying and doing his part; but I know that it is easier SAID than DONE. He knows he has a problem... and there is only so much that I can do to help him... and im not going to stop doing them either. I wont give up on him.
Thats the thing about quiting and quiting on people... You never get to see the end product. (most of lifes greatest failures are done by people who never realized how close they actually were to success.) never give up.
I have been offered a wife twice on my mission so far. haha. Once from this girls dad saying i could come back after my mission and marry his daughter. He was trying to convice me that she was a good cook and that she speaks spanish too haha; and another from a different family but this time from the mom...
How is Austin Carter doing? tell him that i miss him and hope he is doing good.
Some of my favorite scriptures in the bible
Psalms 91
Matthew 6:25-end of chapter
Ecclesiastes 10: 2-14
Exodus 15:3
There are so many that i cant choose. The bible is awesome!
I dont know what more to say... life is good. Love ya fam!
-Elder Cooley

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