Monday, November 17, 2014

Mi semana pasa bien

Hola Familia! Mi semana pasa bien. All except I was throwing up saturday night and didnt feel good AT ALL!! I ended up crashing asleep for the entire day while our district played in an inner-faith basketball tournament with other religions. I also slept through that entire night and woke up feeling better and went to church. My stomach still was sore and didnt feel 100% good but I cant complain; I'm not working on my time anyways.
I have been studying my scriptures in a new way and I find something pretty cool every day; and most of the times it is just a new interpretation of scriptures I have all ready seen. This gospel does not have a limit on how much you can learn and grow. One time this guy told me that he had learned everything about our religion and that was all religion is to him. I asked him that if you learn a sport than is that all? Once you know how to play a sport is that all? no it is not.... You keep practicing it and get better and better at it. You might know the rules of the game (doctrine) but now you need to improve just like you do in a sport to be able to play it better. There is always room for improvement. And if you dont think that includes you than there is some need of some improvement all ready because no one is perfect.
I have learned so much all ready on my mission that I am dirt. I am absolutely nothing. We were created from the dust and God owns the dust. So where do I have room to boast? I am nothing and I can do nothing unless I have God. That is why it is so important to be converted and close to God because you are NOT going anywhere without Him. It is also hard to be fully converted.
I heard that this mission is one of the lowest baptizing missions. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we are moving forward much but one little step at a time will get us there right? We have had so many investigators fall through and so many people just seem to disappear. I feel like my mission is mostly going to be teaching less actives and helping people that seem to have lost that flame re-gain it again... or they never had it in the first place (you cant go far off of borrowed light). We are starting to re-teach all of the lessons to the less actives to try to build a new foundation. It is amazing how great of an affect it has on a person if they read and pray every day or not. It makes all the difference!
 I love my mission though. There is no other place I would rather be. I have all ready grown and progressed so much. I think there are some members out here that will let me stay out after my mission and gator hunt for a job for some short time. I will let you know if I hear more about it; I Would want to do it though. 
I am probably going to get a workout regiment planned out and moving because I have noticed that working out is how I have always blown away a lot of stress and since they took away our weights its a little bit more of a challenge... They think they can stop me.
I have come to conclusion that God has put a lot of trust in his youth. Missionaries are idiots. I think it takes a lot of trust to go on a mission too. I have found in the scriptures that it never says nephi WANTED the plates or to see his fathers dream but it always says he desired to. What are our desires? Your desires will determine where you go and who you become. If your desires are set in the right place than a mission is a lot more easier and enjoyable. This is the same concept with doing anything in your life and also in all of the lords work. What are our treasures and desires?
 Sorry I dont have much to write about... I had to strain this one out of me.
Thank you fam!
Love yall
Elder Cooley

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