Monday, November 24, 2014


Hola familia! 
How are ya? this week has been long. Have you ever had one of those times that helps you keep going? like a person you meet, something someone says, or that kind of stuff? We received a new contact this week and it was awesome how we got him. We received him from some Elders saying to contact him. We were very busy that week so we put it off for the next week and so this week we received his same contact information from a completely different set of Elders that he came up to in Walmart and asked for their help. God must have been wanting us to go see him pretty badly... and specifically us too. When we got there we found that he is an alcoholic and wants our help desperately and doesn't want to lose his family over a stupid drink (family is central to Gods plan). Him and I click very well because he served in Iraq in the Army and We talk about military a lot and how I am going into the military when I get home. I don't even think he knows my comps name because he was more interested in talking to me. (I guess every one of us are sent to individual people for a reason) He has a strong determination to quite drinking and grow closer to God; we will have to see how it goes from here but he is desperately determined. He is planning on going cold turkey from alcohol by Thanksgiving because he is dosing down from three 32oz beers a day to one 32oz a day. Plus Thanksgiving is a special day for him because he lost all of his buddies in Iraq that day; he has a lot of reasons to quit and live a better life. He said he knew he could do it and I believe him. We shared about the atonement and how Christ knows what he is going through (also about his friends and what happens after this life) and a lot more of other stuff like that. We talked about having a desire and reasons behind why he wants to change so it can keep him going. We also talked about what he can do if he feels tempted and who he can call or turn to (Heavenly Father). We set up a plan for quitting and also how he can get out of that lifestyle. We are actually looking for an apartment for him this week because the place he is living in has a lot of alcohol and a bad environment to raise a family. That is powerful determination.
I have been taught how important members are in the lords work and also how dang good dad was at being bishop. There is a less active here that stopped going to church because he had doubts because of the people in the church. His wife died, His son was shot and killed and he had open heart surgery all within 3 years. Through all of that not one member of the church or the bishop cared to call, visit, stop by, or even attend the funerals. Everyone needs to feel loved. This is wrong. This reminds me of dads picture of the plow hose in the middle of the field and no one to work it. We all need to be willing to drop what we are doing if needed in the moment for the lord. I flipped open to a random scripture and it happened to be the scripture about not putting is trust in the flesh of man but to put trust and faith in God. It was the perfect scripture for the moment and wasn't me at all.
We gave a blessing to a man in the hospital yesterday that had a heart attack an heart surgery. three of his arteries were 97% clogged. It was a cool opportunity to be apart of.
By the way I have been talking to a very close friend I have met out here and he owns a translating business and he said after the mission he would train me to translate in the hospitals for him! Wow! that would be better that crock hunting... maybe not as fun. I feel like that would help me so much; it pays a lot to. 

I have a new comp by the way... I guess that just shows how good I am at this emailing thing. My other comp had surgery in the mission and is back to doing work all ready. His prayers have been answered and he is doing good.

Thanks for everything yall do. I don't have anymore time; I have to run. Love ya!
Elder Cooley

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