Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I LOVE INDIANA! It is so green and so beautiful here. The humidity is killer haha but it is ok. I think the heat of Arizona and the humidity of Hawaii have prepared me to live here. So actually I dont mind it. I feel like I am always wet... and when sister Hunt and I work out its like we went swimming because we are just drenched!!! Ok, so a little bit about Sister Hunt. Um she is AMAZING.
She played for the BYU women's team for a year before coming on her mission. She loves to work out and eat healthy. We wake up at 5:50 every morning and get a really good workout in….
 We seriously are so much alike. We get along really well, and she is teaching me to be a good missionary. We are in an area called White River, its outside Indianapolis. Right now I am sitting in the  Indianapolis Library. Its pretty sweet. I think that my transition has been really easy because we found some SOLID investigators like... the day I got here. I have been SO excited to tell you about them. We have 6 progressing investigators, 3 of which have baptism dates!…Its to crazy how God has prepared their hearts. They are so humble and so hungry for something more in their lives. 
…  What I love most about being a missionary is the people. They are so fun, and so..... weird hahaha. Seriously, I think about entire ward is converts. So its totally not like Utah church at all. No perfect looking families or homes or lives. Everyone knows that everyone else has rough edges, and its totally ok. Its such a huge testimony to me that Jesus Christ loves everyone, and that the gospel is for everyone. Our Ward mission leader is kick-butt. He lives in a tiny home with like... 7 kids, but yet, he is so spiritual and works so hard to help us. Thats how most of the members here are. They are pretty good about feeding the missionaries too
Please send letters
… I want you to know that I am ok. I am happy. Some days are hard, and some days are amazing. But that is normal life anyway!

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