Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The MTC Conquered and off to INDIANA TODAY!

WOW. 9 days till the first P-day. How rude. hahaha We decided that it is the way of weeding out the weak ones! My companion is Sister Carpenter. I love her so much. We get along really well. She is from southern Idaho….

...I dont really cry here. Only a few times. But I am not homesick. Yes, I miss you and wish you could be here with me, but I KNOW I am not supposed to be there right now. The mission saved me. I was not being even remotely close to the woman I needed and Heavenly Father needs me to be. I was regressing rather than progressing. The first 4 days were SO hard. I had several several thoughts of.... oh gosh, I just want to go home. 
They cram so much information into your brains because the stay is so much shorter. I am so grateful not to be learning a language on top of learning how to teach. Plus I cannot imagine staying here for more than 12 days.... haha I may die.
The day after I got here I was called as a Zone Sister Training Leader. Yikes. Yesterday we received 16 more people to our zone, so Sister Carpenter and I are in charge of 8 sister. They are all really awesome. 
My district is SO So great. I am definitely the oldest, but I dont mind. All of the elders are 18. I keep thinking of shane and how wonderful this mission is going to be for him….

Elder Quintin L Cook came and spoke to us on tuesday night, it was SO Good. He testified of christ, said that he knew his voice. I thought that was really cool.

Sister Carpenter and I are teaching a woman named Sydney and a woman name Heather. We seek revelation for them daily and receive it daily. We are able to testify and help them , through the spirit, come unto christ. 
We had decided to invite Heather to be baptized, and while Heather was saying her first prayer, I said a quick prayer in my heart telling God that I was going to invite Heather to be..... and then I could NOT remember what I was thinking about. It was a stupor of thought!!! crazy! my first one ever! I went back to my classroom and was so excited…

The mission is so humbling already. I am continuously reminded of just how prideful I am, and how I CANNOT do this work without God and the spirit. I started memorizing scriptures. Its fun. And helps with the lessons. 

One thing that I realized this week is that EVERY spontaneous adventure I've gone on, and every hard thing I have done, has pointed me here and prepared me for this moment. Each time I have gone somewhere alone, like Cumorah or Virginia or BYU, has pushed me closer to the Book of Mormon. I KNOW that book  is true. I feel the spirit emanating from it. I feel light when I read it, and when I testify of its truth….

..I love you all so much. I want you to know I am obeying with exactness. I do not write letters or look at pictures. Only on PDAY. I obey the mission rules. Somewhere in the PMG it says that exact obedience will help us change the desires of our hearts. I also know that exact obedience brings the spirit of revelation into my heart….

The mission is hard, but I keep saying COOLEY"S ARE NOT QUITTERS. Thank you for raising me with the determination and attitude to get the job done right. To Go FOREVER.

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  1. I love this! I have a feeling I will be saying this about every post :)