Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 1: The adventure begins!

June 4, 2014
Well, the adventure begins! Sister Cooley arrived at the MTC and most likely broke the curbside record for goodbye! She is off and running strong! She is in God's hands now… and she was His long before she was ours. She will be an instrument in the hands of God in Indiana and I know they will love her and she will find Joy serving on her mission!
We had a beautiful experience last night with her being set apart as a missionary! There was such a sweet spirit of peace in our home and Megan felt comforted as the spirit witnessed to her that she was ready and this was what she was to do, anxiety fled and her heart was strengthened. Goodbyes are never easy but she was brave. ( Mom, Sarah and Coleman not so much)

A few of the notes from the counsel and advice given by President Webb before the actual setting apart as a missionary
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just be steady and faithful. It’s not a sprint. Just be Megan and you will be marvelous.
You are leaving a legacy- it will be a good one or a bad one? What will be your legacy? What kind of agent of change will you be?  No matter what, you will leave a legacy.  Make it a good one.
Be like what Alma said to his son Shiblon (Alma 38)… be steady and faithful! Quoted President James E. Faust saying, “Steadiness and toil will serve you better than brilliance.

Scripture for the week: Alma 29: 9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

First email from Sister Cooley:
Hey Family. We just have a few minutes to write and tell you that we are okay. This is an amazing place, the spirit is so strong here everywhere you go. Today we had practice lessons with some really hard investigators. I realized how hard this is going to be. Most of the time I couldnt think of what to say. I am excited to learn to the become an effective teacher, because honestly right now.... I have NO idea what I am doing. 
I love you all so much. Thank you so much for supporting me in this. Today has been tough, but I KNOW that I am supposed to be here. I am happy to be here and know that heavenly father loves me and is looking out for me.

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  1. I love Megan!!! I like the part in her blessing that says you will leave a legacy, good or bad is up to you. I'm so glad you started this blog, it will be awesome to keep up to date with her. And Shane of course :)