Monday, December 7, 2015

short letter

How goes life? I am doing great. I have completely changed my mindset towards life because of my mission. I view my trials differently and I know that a different view causes me to handle my trials differently also. Life is good and it is what we make of it; We have control. 

So we haven't been making much progress with nick. He is in a life of cocaine and up to no good. We got a text from him the other night at 2:00am that was talking about killing himself. We prayed for him and went to visit him the next day. We told him that he needs help and asked if he would let us help him. He refused to attend any type of classes or clinics and says that "its no problem" or "I can quite on my own and with the good grace of God".... we discussed how God needs a willing heart first before we can truly change. The first step in 12 step programs and A.A is to admit that your addiction has control over your life and that you need help. He is totally blinded to his problem with drugs and wont admit it. I have seen that a lot; it is a hard life of justifying wrong actions and lying to yourself. We don't go into his home or anywhere with him because it wouldn't be good to be with him in the wrong place at the wrong time with the police. We will still talk to him outside but he doesn't have enough leverage to get out of the rut that he is in right now. Keep him in your prayers.

Jose is still doing good and is reading the Book of Mormon. 

My Spanish has gone down since being in New Iberia. We do a lot of English work and Spanish every now and then. I can hold a conversation no problem with a person but I can tell a difference in how well I can understand them when we are doing more English work. We have a new guy from Honduras that is attending our English class now. He was busy one night and didn't have time to go to the church so we did an English lesson in his apartment complex's gym room haha. Whatever works right.

I walked outside this morning and there was a dead snake by our stairs haha. It got cold last night and I guess he didn't make it back to his home in time. It has gotten more cold this week and the leaves have changed color and some trees leaves fall off. You don't really see any alligators anymore because they stay under the water for the winter. 

We went and visited our Big Mama Miss Pat this week and had an awesome discussion with her. She said that she loves it when we come over because she is able to talk to someone and have a time for spirituality. She is a street minister and does a lot of good for people. She helps us out a lot too. 

My shoulder has been doing good. You can still see a difference in my shoulders but I am working diligently to build them up. I dont really have pain in them but my goal is to make them strong. I am keeping track of my health and I am doing good. God bless.

Hahah my comp and I have set a rule in our car that we don't allow Christmas Music to be played until the sun has gone down. We set this because it still feels like a Utah summer down here still and it feels like playing Christmas music in the summer during the day time... nothing worse than that. We play Christmas music when it gets dark for the Christmas lights and it cools down for the Christmas spirit.

I Think that we will be skyping at Bro. Stanley's house on Christmas morning. I also think that we will be spending Christmas eve down in New Orleans. We will find out before so that everything will work out smoothly. I don't want anything for Christmas. I know Mom doesn't like that answer but I want it that way. All I want is letters and support. 

I know that this is a short letter but I cant think of anything that is interesting enough to write about hah.

I love y'all, have a wonderful week.
Elder Cooley

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