Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Love y'all and Happy Holidays!

This week was good. I just keep chugging away. I cant complain because I realize how good life is. This week we had a Christmas party in our branch and it was very nice. I got to enjoy some good food and good company with some folks. They didn't have a Santa or games there because they just wanted it to be a nice dinner and social gathering. The Wednesday before that was the primary Christmas party and they asked us to help out with that. We made ornaments and stuff like that. I included the ornaments in the package that I sent for Christmas. I'm not to sure if it will make it on time but we can cross our fingers.

This week at one of the baptist churches an awesome thing happened. It was during their Christmas mass that a Santa Claus walked into the doors, he walked down through the pews up to the front at the prayer alter, knelt down at the feet of Christ and prayed and when he left he put a small wrapped gift at the feet of the savior. They said that the place was dead silent and that the spirit was strong. It made everyone think that it isn't about the presents; It is about Jesus and Giving. I like those kinds of stories.

This week we were checking out of at the Lowes cash register outside by all of the gardening supplies. The lady there was very nice and we asked how she was. We asked her if she was ready for Christmas and if she was excited. She gave a nice response but seemed a little unconvincing but then she asked about our name tags. We had a nice conversation with her about Christ and how Christmas isn't about the presents but it is about Christ and Giving and what is truly in your heart. We read Luke 2 with her and she asked if we would pray with her. We held hands right there at the cash register and she said a prayed with us. She was in tears after and she said "I needed that, especially in this tough season" "God is good, he sends good people to help me out." Christmas is a tough time for a lot of families. Christmas actually even has a higher suicide rate. It hurts when you cant give back or receive like you want to. But that doesn't have to be the case... If you have the right perspective and the right things in your heart then Christmas can be the most beautiful time. To do this you have to see Christmas for what it really is. 

We will be hanging out with a few families during Christmas and Christmas Eve. We are skyping at brother Stanley's house. He has 3 tablets and all the time in the world for us to use them. I got Jesse's information for me to be able to set up a video chat on google. I look forward to talking to y'all. 

After our Christmas party we sat there and watched this drunk lady scream her head off in the middle of a grass field near our church haha. It was funny to watch but i feel bad for those people. Drunk people are some of the most powerful people out there. They are so tender hearted and they are all or nothing people. They are strong willed and most of them are dreamers that are highly motivated. Think of all of those awesome qualities that can be found in a person except for they are being used for the wrong things... like drinking. something drastic can happen in their lives and they become problem drinkers to drown out the pain. We meet a lot of Hispanics that are alcoholics because they have left their family to work and provide for them but it becomes lonely and painful for them to be away. They are amazing people that are trapped and probably dont want to be there in the first place.

I just want to end my email by saying this: find some way to contribute beyond yourself this season. There was a study done with a bunch of little kids this year. They were told to go into toys r us and choose any gift that they wanted. Once they came out of the store they were told that they have two options... they can either keep the toy for themselves or give a gift for someone else that wont have presents to open on Christmas. 92% of the kids went back in to chose a gift for someone else instead. Giving makes you feel good. Try to be child-like this season and remember what it is truly about.

Love y'all and happy Holidays!
Elder Cooley

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