Monday, December 14, 2015

Hunting with Blow Guns

Hey fam. I have had a good week. It felt a lil slow again but thats alright. We did exchanges and we continued to go and visit with people. Our friend Nick has stopped contacting us. We had a talk with him and we had to be straight forward with him. It does no one any good just beating around the bush. He had sent us a text about killing himself and so we straight up told him "Let us help you". We told him "you need help.. When A man that was in the Army that has a non quitting attitude texts you about suicide quitting then there is something that is not right with this picture. We will keep trying to see him but Im not sure how effective it is to force a horse to drink the water that you have brought it. Falling- getting up and becoming stronger... I just hope our friend can get up and become stronger than ever. Only God knows how far he will fall until that happens... hopefully we can be of help.

We went around to a lot of different churches in our area that were of all different faiths. We are handing out a gift that includes the living Christ, The Proclamation of the Family, and a Picture of Jesus Christ. It was very fun and we have A LOT more to do... Bible Belt. We walked into a big church called "Trinity Baptist" and there was a dude that asked us right when we walked in if we wanted to be baptized haha. "We can do it RIGHT NOW!" There are some good people out there. Bless his heart.

I taught a few of the elders in my district how to make blow guns and they love them. They are shooting them all the time and are trying to shoot squirrels every time they go out to check the mail. The only difference is that would eat them if we actually get one haha. One of my buddies out here is from Canada and is a big hunter. I want to get into that when I get home.

It sounds like a mad house in the Cooley casa these days. I hope Grandma is doing good and is happy. Tell her that I love her. It must be just like old times though with a bunch of little kids running all over the house. It inst a mad house.. we have just forgotten what reality speed is like haha. That is the blessing that I would want to see for my family "for things to always be moving and an adventure". Risk taking, never settling and going forever. 

I got an email just barely from Joel Cardenas and he said that he just received his mission call. Sister Cardenas's son is called to serve in the Mexico, Monterrey East Mission. He is stoked out of his mind and has come a long way to get where he is now. I am excited for him.

I cant think of anything else to write about. I just hope you know that I am doing fine. I have found that living on my own has really helped me a lot in life and has changed my perspective of life a lot. I am grateful for my life and all that I have been blessed for. I look forward to chatting on Christmas coming up soon. I hope y'all have an awesome week. God bless.

Elder Cooley


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