Monday, September 21, 2015

Gallons of Cold Water & Miles of Sugarcane

I had a pretty alright week. I say that every week but that's because I have no room to complain. I have it good in life. 

Everyone in the ghetto loves basketball. A man named Rico here has a vision to get this area back together. He put together a basketball game with less actives and wants us to bring investigators. He said that they used to have huge games back in the day and it was amazing how great it worked with less actives and investigators. So Thursday we had a lesson with everyone and then we played a pick up game with the homies. It is different but has been effective so far. I'm not the best at basketball but I can try.

I have gone from sending one quote a day to the district to three a day. One in the morning, mid-day and at night. I am planning on turning it into an open conversation of quotes and inspiration throughout our days. Anyone can add their thoughts and quotes. Thanks for the Idea Mom, Its brilliant.

This week I was biking from Walmart to our apartment just after buying a big gallon of cold water. I was thinking in my head how much I love water and I was entertaining my thoughts of how all I want for Christmas is a gallon of cold water hahaha... I thought it was a funny. Its HOT out here! But anyways... I heard a lady screaming HEEEYY ARE YOU GUYS LDS MISSIONARIES!!?? she was bawling when she walked up to us. She said that they were trying to get back to Utah and were homeless for the time being. She had been sitting on the side of dollar tree praying like crazy for God to send some kind of help and that is when we biked by. I never knew someone could be so happy to see me before haha. We got her in contact with President Knight from our branch and left them with our two gallon jugs of water. 

It is the time of the sugarcane season where they start cutting it and shipping it to the factories. All we can see is cane fields so now all we see is tractors cutting and shipping cane stalks haha. We also have the sugarcane festival coming up soon. 

Everything else is pretty regular here. We are trying to visit all less actives and see our investigators at the same time, nothing new. I shocked my companion with a mosquito zapper after I touched it twice... haha he freaked out. It was funny.

Have a good week fam. Love y'all.
Elder Cooley

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