Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lightening strikes!

I had a good week this week. It has now been 12 days since the last day my friend Yolanda has smoked! she said she is done and no longer has the desire. 10 years of smoking to cold turkey.

I challenged another lady yesterday to stop smoking. I tell them to give me three days. Prove to yourself that you can go three days without smoking. After those three days nicotine levels drop drastically and it is all mental from there. I asked her if she was committed and she had one cigarette left and told me that she would start after that one cigarette... I agreed but then after a lesson with her and how God is going to be her biggest strength in quitting I felt impressed not to leave her wiggle room with one more cigarette. I left her apartment that night with her pack of cigarettes and lighter. I hope that it left her motivated and am impression on her. That proves a lot more dedication and how bad she wants it than..."please just one more cigarette"! Please pray for her. "Mrs. Crain"

Julian the Marine vet is now a deputy and doing great. He is going to school and trying to become an officer and even talks about moving up to Utah for a better life style. He is a stud and is doing awesome.

I am doing good with my therapy. They asked me to do my workouts twice a day. I do my morning workout and after planning at night I do my workouts. my shoulder is sore but when it burns it grows haha.

Lightning struck like 30 feet in front of me the other day. It was the brightest and loudest thing I have ever experienced. I thought a bomb went off right in front of me. It was probably the highlight of my week... It was awesome! It killed a squirrel and burnt out our investigators TV inside. haha gotta love it, because I do.

Love y'all
Elder Cooley

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