Saturday, February 28, 2015

Run AWAY!!

Hey fam damily! Que tal?
so our refried bean has a baptismal date, March 14th. This time we didn't give him a date but he asked us for one. That's great huh! That is the type of desire that I want my investigators to have. It reminds me of Pa saying that when a person wants to go on a mission then he will know because they push him as a bishop to get the papers done and they desire it more than him.

Yesterday I walked outside with a wrinkled shirt on and it was instantly damp and unwrinkled haha. The heat and humidity is coming back. The bugs are coming back too, You can here that it is summer because of the constant hissing of the Locust in the Trees and brush.
There are trucks with giant loud spray machines that drive through the neighborhoods spraying for mosquitos and they have flashing yellow lights and are they leave a giant cloud of smoke behind them everywhere they go. When we are biking and we see one... Run AWAY!! we bike a different way, but if there aren't other streets to hurry and turn down you try to outrun it... haha It doesn't work every time and you are left violated in the smoke coughing and disgusted.
I can just see the drivers of those trucks laughing every time they do it to us too haha.

So I started doing translating for our sacrament meetings... I have never felt like a deer in the headlights that much in a long time. It is weird because I can understand them just fine but translating it to English you have to switch your words around and think about how they are saying it and you get left behind on what they are saying. It will help my Spanish a lot so I am going to try to translate at every meeting now.

So I was right... there were panties and all sorts of stuff being thrown out for mardi Graw and I guess Some elders got flashed too haha. It depends what parade you are at and who you are standing by. I didn't thought so we're good. there are a lot of weirdoes and alcohol so its like world cup on steroids haha. We will have to get the gang together and go to mardi graw every year huh? I have pictures I will have to send you later today or next time. I usually hate parades but this was pretty fun.

We have been going to a trampoline park every p day lately and I love it. The owner goes to our church. It will never be as good as Provo's Lower get air, but it is fun. We have it rented out for two hours for FREE next zone Pday. Benefits of serving stateside....
I had a good week. We had Zone Conference this week with Elder Kopischke of the 70. Right after when we were biking home we stopped and helped this lady out weeding her garden. (it was pretty messy and she looked pretty stressed) She was surprised because we were young men in our white shirts and ties doing something that young men usually don't do. We weeded and talked with her the entire time (she is a paramedic; I showed her that I was certified in EMR and she asked me why I wasn't doing that instead and I told her that I am here to serve the lord first and then I am joining the Marines.) 
We kept talking with her after weeding and we were able to use what Elder Kopischke taught that day and testify more boldly and invite more. She started crying and telling us how hard of a time she has been going through with her sons health and learning disabilities, and her own health too. She said that she was crying all that morning and that she was just diagnosed with lupus and she asked "why does god give me so many trials?" We were able to have a lesson and a prayer with her and she said that she was going to come to church. I know that out all of the people we could have stopped and talked to on the way home that she was the that need us most. Not coincidence.

If there is one highlight that I like about church, it would be that there is a plan and that it puts my thoughts at ease. I don't worry.

Love you fam.
Elder Cooley

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