Monday, February 16, 2015

Missionary work and Mardi Gras

Hello familia. Espero que todo esta bien en Layton.
I had a pretty good week this week. Just regular missionary work but that's what I'm here for right? Work slows down for Mardi Gras so we spend a lot of time biking around, parades and talking to drunk people.
The parades here are quite different and you don't get salt taffies and candy. It also depends where your at; you have to be careful which ones you go to also. They throw out beads (obviously), candy, panties, and condoms hahah.... a bit different right? But like I said, it depends where you go. You can be at family friendly parade and still catch thongs.
We are going to a lot of parades tomorrow because the work is dead and all of the members are there, Actually they are the ones that are taking us. We will be at the church in downtown for a BBQ of 300lbs of carne asadas and all parades after that.
So we went to Walmart the other night to hurry and grab something. We saw ten cop cars fly in and everyone had to get out because of a bomb threat I guess.
 After that a member took us to pizza hut and bought us a pizza, but then he had to leave for valentines day. He left us waiting there for our pizzas and while we were waiting some black dude walked in and stood there looking at the menu. He had a beer in his hand and then looked right at me and said.. "so.. will you buy me a pizza?" haha I laughed and said no. He asked me for change too.. "do you have like two dollars or something/" He said that he didn't have money so I asked him, If you don't have money then how did you buy your beer? he stared at me blankly and didn't respond haha. We offered him a quarter because that's all we had on us; He turned it down! (there are always black people asking for your change here) I told him that I would give him a slice of my pizza though and he agreed with that.
We stood outside and talked with him for a little haha. Once we gave him some pizza he told us "see I told you!... just like Martin Luther King taught... Free at last, Free at last, thank God almighty everything is free at last!" hahahah I laughed and said that he said something close to that.
You cant even Understand some people down here (literally), that black guy was speakin hood jybe the entire time. He kept saying "the dagger shop" referring to the bar next door. He said that he was a child of god (Im glad he knows that) But he also said that Jesus was a fisher of men with the gospel but that he is a fisher of the ladies. hahahaha New Orleans.
We are hitting our goals with lessons more and more. I don't know how this week will go but we will see. We are going to try to see Our friend with the drinking problem. He is doing a lot better now. He has a job and is working on himself.
We have an FHE with our refried bean tonight. He still wants to be baptized so now it is just a matter of setting up another date with him and answering any other questions que el tiene.
My Spanish feels good. I can understand to the point where I don't really have to translate it to English in my head anymore. But there are always those beans from Cuba that speak really fast or other people that have thick accents and slurs. You always run into someone new that you cant really understand... that's what learning is though. One moment you will understand word for word in a conversation and the next lesson you will only get the just of what they are talking about or wont understand at all. At least I can get the just of those ones or that I am doing my best right?
I am having a good time. I have no room to complain. If I ever do complain in my head then it is usually because of me and something that I can do better at. Life is good. If it is bad then you just aren't looking at it right. Ya it is hard but there are different ways you can go about doing hard work. Remember that Nephi and Laman and Lemuel all went on the same journey, except for that Nephi simply had confidence and a good attitude. It is all a matter of decision. There is no complicated formula for success or happiness... You just decide. Make a choice and don't leave it to a matter of fate. Life will shape you into something... Make sure that it is something that you want.
Thank you family and friends for everything! Love ya.
Elder Cooley

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