Thursday, April 14, 2016

Enduring Well

Hey fam, I am doing good and am hanging in there! I have had a good week and I feel good. So I am with the same companion as a ZL in Metairie. We are moving apartments this week. Our Ac went out and when we opened our Ac box and we found black mold all over and up into the dry wall. The apartment had been painting over it to avoid law suits and having to do reconstruction. This would explain why we don't feel good and are always tired lately. We got out of there and we all ready feel better from not sleeping in there.

We went and had a nice lesson with Fernando again. He is doing AWESOME with not drinking. I am very happy for him. He has completely turned his life around and knows the dangers of how easy it would be to slip again. 

We have had a less active friend of ours come back to church these past two weeks. He said that he wanted to get back into church and do better. He was a missionary in Texas. We work a lot with less active people. I don't like to go around and tell people how to live their lives but I am all about telling people that there is hope and there is always a way. Life is hard but there is no excuse for a bad attitude and a pessimistic tragedy. Life can always be turned into a learning experience and we can always seek to change if we need and want to. An optimistic tragedy is a powerful way to live through your life struggles. 

I'm sorry to hear about the shoulder injuries this past week. I can testify of how important helmets are. I have also been in the same spot of not being able to lift my arms. Take time with your recovery. 

I have been doing good and I am trying to endure well. I know that my emails are pretty short but it is hard to write sometimes. We go out and visit people but It feels boring and too regular to write y'all about it. we are doing good though and are looking for the good in the world, don't worry about me:) I know my mom hates me saying that because parents will always worry for their family but I am doing good. Life is good.

I love you family and friends. Have a wonderful week. 

Elder Cooley

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