Monday, February 29, 2016

Survived the Storm

I am fine from the storm. It was crazy amount of rain though. It was the most rain I have seen since I have been down here. I have heard from other missionaries that the Tornado was pretty crazy. Everyone in our mission is safe and sound though. I feel sorry for the families that lost someone to something so unexpected like that.

We made some more Gumbo this week. I am getting ready for my home coming cooking hahaha:) I have found that the brand of sausage that you use makes a huge difference so I will have to see if it is accessible in Utah or if I am going to have to order it. Mom might thing it is spicy... its not though. haha

We went back to the families house where we gave the special needs kid a blessing and we had a lesson with them. During that lesson we realized how special he really is because There was another investigator there and he was asking some questions that had nothing to do with building a testimony. There was a contentious feeling in the room during those questions and Jordan was screaming and throwing stuff so we asked if we could start with a prayer before we actually shared a scripture. Jordan (the special needs kid) folded his arms for the prayer but was still being loud. We shared a scripture about Jesus Christ in the bible and Jordan's character completely changed once we started reading and discussing Christ and the principle we learn from his life and his teachings.   He sat there calmly and didn't say a word or make a noise. The Man also had nothing to say after that and it shut up all of his questions or any arguments. We had an awesome lesson and left with a better feeling in the house.

We had some fun drunk lady we taught this week... well... not really taught but discussed life with her haha. 

We did a bunch of service for a cancer fundraiser at a marathon. It is a tour that has 30 races and concerts follow the races as a tour. We changed peoples corals according to their running times and improvements, gave out t shirts and put together metals. There were a lot of awesome people there and we had a lot of fun. We worked along side a bunch of teens that were sent to boot camp because of bad behavior and were trying to shape up. A lot of them were cool and actually trying to change and get their life together.

We went on visits with our bishop this week and had a good time. We have been extending commitments to our ward council to get things moving. We want them to be going out with the missionaries in their area once a week. Once we can get that commitment filled then we will move on to having the ward council finding people to fill their assignment to go out with missionaries. We can get some accountability, action and inspiration to get stuff done.

Well I love You family and friends. Have a good week.
Elder Cooley 

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