Monday, November 2, 2015

Rain, Bullets and Eternal Prospective

Hi fam, I had a pretty slow week. It rained a lot and flooded a lot. We were on tornado lock down for one of those evenings so we were pretty bored. I have been enjoying this rain a lot. I just wish that I could go hiking in it or something. I have been wanting to go fishing in the bayou right next to our area but my comp inst very interested in that kind of stuff. I learned how to rig my line for Alligator gar and hope to one day try it out. There are so many opportunities down here that a lot of people don't get anywhere else... I don't want them to pass me by.

So this week I got a good laugh. We went to this old guys home and it seemed like he wanted us to stay and chill with him because he kept asking us if we wanted to see all kinds of his different toys. Once he was done showing us his HAM radio set up he asked us if we wanted to see his guns. We said of course and he turned around and started opening this huge safe that was in the room (the man cave). He started showing us all kinds of guns from WW2. After that he showed us all of his assault rifles and some long range rifles including a sniper rifle that he built from a kit. After that he showed us all different varieties of hand guns. When I thought he was all done with them he turned around facing his closet with a small hand gun and cocked it back to see if it was empty. After looking at the empty chamber He let go of the top of the gun causing the firing pin to come down and BAAAAM!!! hahahha he set a round off in his house straight into his floor. He jumped in the air with surprise and looked at us with a look of shock on his face. He then looked down at the hole in his floor and rambled off a few cuss words haha. The bullet was all ready in the barrel and he couldn't see it. I was sitting there not knowing what to think of the situation and trying not to show any body language that I found it somewhat amusing. His wife came into the room screaming at him hahah.. Get rid of that stupid gun!!! We are lucky he didn't shoot one of us or himself but hey.. all you can do is learn from it now haha. He was done showing us his toys after that and drove us home.

We went on exchanges this week. I was in Baton Rouge with the Zone Leaders because I also had a Doctors appointment there. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. I walked in late to my appointment because of traffic and I didn't even wait in the lobby. They put me in a room right away and the doctor came in 5 minutes later. Louisiana fast! The doctor had a young Med student that he was training so he was going out of his way that day to show him how to get the job done and do it right (made all the difference). He checked me out and sent me over to a different appointment that was a physical therapy place for the LSU baseball team on that same day and time. I went over there straight from the doctors and they were awesome there... SO much better then the last place I went to. The owner there was such a cool dude and I had a lot of one on one time for him to help me out. They put me on a machine that diagnosed my muscle strength within 15 minutes of me working out on it and He gave me what I needed to do for workouts and a lot of things that I have been wanting to hear. I know that I am blessed and that god is constantly giving me tender mercies. My shoulder is fine but I am trying to build it to its full potential. 

I am sorry to hear about the loss this week of Uncle Vernal. It made me think of a young man that we prayed with this week who had lost the person who raised him as a kid. He was crying and didn't want to let her go. I am glad to be here as a testimony of an eternal prospective. I taught on the Atonement this week at church also and I said some similar things. Every person strives to better themselves in some way either big or small. We as imperfect human beings have that characteristic. God views us as foolish and short sighted at times because God has an eternal prospective and knows what is best for us when we do not. We get ourselves in debt every day with our actions but an eternal life offers us the opportunity to change and to grow. This is the message of Jesus Christ (The Atonement).

I have had a good week and am holding in there. I hope y'all are doing well. Love ya!
Elder Cooley

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