Friday, April 3, 2015

Tengan una buena semana!

I had a good week this week. We go on splits on every Tuesday and Thursday and I got to go with the owner of the biggest gator farm in the United States. They go out in the Bayou and collect eggs and grow them really fast on his farm. He has a big deal with Gucci and he sells all of the gator meat too. They make a lot of money. But yeah... That is in my area.

So we live next to some hood rats. Our neighbors have a chastity problem at night... but this time we woke up at 4:00 in the morning to screaming and swearing. There was a huge fight between our neighbors and you could hear stuff being thrown and people throwing punches haha. We were about to go over and stop it but we just heard SLUT... you nasty! and a door slammed and that was the end of it. 

The work is still going great. We are tracting a new part called Tickfaw. There are big Hispanic trailer parks because they all work on the strawberry and mushroom farms. It was weird, the other day we tracted into three trailers that did not belong to denominations or have never spoken with folks about God. Dude... Where have you been? I guess I shouldn't be surprised though... there are Hispanics that have lived here for twenty to sixty years and still don't even speak a lick of English.

I am going to try make y'all the best dang food when I get home. Everyone down here knows how to cook. They take a lot of pride in their cooking. Sorry ma but everything is fried. That is probably why everyone has cancer and/or health problems down here. Well I shouldn't say everything is fried but that doesn't mean its good for you. I'm not going to get fat though... I work out every morning and I am actually trying to keep my weight on. I have a fast metabolism I guess. 

We have had some really powerful lessons here. Everyone is very straight forward so we try to be bold in our teaching. The ward is amazing and I love working with the members. There are so many members in our church but there are sooooo many that are inactive. Bringing someone back to the church is just as or more important than baptizing someone.

We have a few baptismal dates and are trying to keep them. There is this one kid named Alex and he is golden. He asks so many questions and told us that our church feels warm like home. I will keep you informed. We have so much going on that it makes my head hurt and I think that this email would be to dang long to fit it all. 

It is weird, there is a big problem down here with people marrying their own kin. Before you get married in the south you have to take a blood and hair follicle test before so you aren't marrying your 2nd cousin haha. There are also a ton of crazies out here. haha I wonder if marrying your own kin has something to do with it. This one lady (that used to be a member of our church i guess) came out of here trailer screaming about how much she hates her old baptist church that she attends. Well then.. stop going to it ya Crazy red neck. We blessed her home that was full of a bunch of creepy dolls and then left. I don't think I will be seeing that lady again.

I didnt have to deal with dogs at all in kenner but here everyone and their dog has a dog. I haven't had to choke any of them yet. There was this one dog that wouldn't stop bugging me but the only problem was that it was so fat that I couldn't even find its throat. I think they have fed it to much fried craw fish or something. So I just held its head between my legs until it squirmed and ran away.

Well I love this and I have no room to complain. 
Pues... Yo tengo que salir. Nos Vemos! Love y'all. Tengan una buena semana!

Elder Cooley

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