Tuesday, March 17, 2015

which way do you face? Look em in the eyes!

Hey fam. So we got our transfer calls and I am getting MOVED! I do not know where I am going though. I pack up and leave my area tonight. I will let you know.
So Nelson was Baptised! His baptism went great. So during all of this process of teaching him his uncle Antonio has joined in on all of the discussions and now reads even more than Nelson does in the Book of Mormon. He has a great excitement about the gospel, especially after watching his nephew get baptised (an awesome example) . I hope to hear about him in the future (now that im leaving) of him taking steps closer to Christ. He is awesome.
We also have another person named Marco that accepted baptism. He is praying about a date and also likes it when we come over. We need to get him over to members houses now so he can Have their support. Member missionary work makes all of the difference in lessons. Members are able to give support and be an example and can testify of things that we cant. 
It rained so much last week. God knows me because I love the rain. It is hot again. You see gators in the canals again, Summer is here. I have a lot of new good pictures to send you but I forgot my camera today. I left it in my other bag because we are going to the jump gym right after emailing.
Thanks for the emails. Mom - I would have to say the same. The biggest thing you see in a mission is change in yourself and loving to watch others change. Everything contributes to it, Being humbled, watching stupid missionaries and changing your attitude and desires too. I work hard but the attitude is the hardest (thanks for your email dad) All of it can be called a refiners fire but I will say that I am very gratefull. I have it good in life! I cant EVER complain, I just simply dont have room to.
Megs- I have been waking up really early again and working out really hard. I dont know what happened but I have just found a strong motivation to do so again.
Which way do you face? Look em' in the eyes!
If you were lined up to be put to death... would you want a blindfold? to turn around and face the other way? or would you look them in the eyes?
We have moments in life where we need to look a decision, peer pressure, and people in the eyes and take the hit. Not everyone likes people that do the right things and act on what they believe in.
Standing up for your beliefs is one of the most important things you can do. That is because you are being true to yourself. When you are not however... We are not as happy as we could be. That is not being true to yourself.
Look the shooters in the eyes. The greater the struggle is, the sweeter the reward will be. This brings a clear consience, and there is no greater friend than a clean consience.
Be true to yourself.
Well famn damily, I love y'all! Good luck Prego! I love ya.
Tenga un buen dia!
Elder Cooley

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